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I just wanted to thank you for your articles about “Global Online” and Herbalife.


I had been able to find out enough to know that I was looking at Herbalife, but I was really grateful to get the information about cost & marketing tactic from your article.

I followed a link from Monster.com to find “Global Online” originally, & it did peak my curiosity. But the secrecy about the whole thing was enough of a red flag for me to do some snooping around. ---- Thanks again for getting the information out there!

Robin Baker

Dallas, TX

Hi, Rob:

I so agree with you!

It was so nice to see your website right after I received a spam mail message from Global Online Systems! 

I have lost lots of money trying to find the best and easiest work-at-home business. However, I haven't found all of them to be the same company, Herbalife. Doesn't matter - many are scams ... too many!

I sent a letter, including your initial webpage ... perhaps they'll be as curious as I was to see what you had to say and click into your following pages.

Here is a copy of the letter, I just wrote to Monster.ca - the online job site I use in my job search in Canada. My automatic job search agent reported this job opportunity to me today and I thought a

job search website as big as Monster should have better policies as to how to run the site.

 <<Here's something you should be made aware of:


Please read what this young man has to say about such job advertisements 

as this one posted on Monster.ca on Nov 24th: "Nov 24 22:50:26, People

wanted to WORK ONLINE using their computers, CA-ON-Ottawa".

This is not the type of thing job seekers are looking for. I have

investigated a number of these offers myself and have not made any money

- only lost time and money. When you're looking for a job, losing time

and money is not a good thing.

I should think that an organization such as Monster, would screen the

job postings better than this. These are scams. If you are not aware

that they are scams, you should hire people to investigate the postings

before making them available to the general public.

Please help job seekers find legitimate job offers instead of setting

them up for a horrible experience!

Thanks for listening.

Dawne-Marie, Job Seeker>>

Anyway, I don't know what you can do with this information, but I thought I'd just let you know there are people out there that think the same as you.

Have a great day, Rob and keep up the good work -- by the way, I have seen many of those signs on your website in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and even in many small towns in Eastern Ontario, Canada.



Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada

Thanks so much for your story! I was laid off from my job in June and have been seeking employment. I kept receiving different “work from home” positions available from Monster.com and they all linked to “Global Online Systems” which prompted my google search. There I found your story and I do appreciate the $ saved from my dwindling pockets! Take care and I’ll remove those offending signs from the Hampton Roads Virginia area too!




Hi Rob,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the information you provided on your website regarding Herbalife. I found a work from home position on Monster.com and it led me to their website. But me being the detective that I am, I just had to research it before giving them any personal information. I came across your website and I am so glad I did. Again, thank you for all of your hours of investigation and hard work to get the information that everyone should know about.

Best regards,



Looks like they have found a new way to recruit. OK, so it may not be new. I just read your Herbalife story this afternoon, and noticed these ads all over Monster.com tonight. Here is a link for your viewing pleasure: http://jobsearch.monster.com/getjob.asp?JobID=20008447&AVSDM=2003%2D12%2D04+19%3A10%3A53&Logo=1 &col=dltci&cy=US&brd=1%2C1862%2C1863&lid=610%2C611%2C612%2C615%2C613%2C616%2C686%2C619%2C624%2C618%2C627%2C628&fn=&q=MBA+home

nothing like a nice, long link.

I think that these ads show up no matter what you search for or where you search. My scientific study consisted of two different search terms, in Maine and Texas, so I could be wrong. Just thought I would pass this information along to you.

John Stevens

Houston, TX

PS - keep up the good work.



Your series on Herbalife represents a lot of good investigative work. Thank you for the valuable information and your hard work in putting this story together.

I found your site through Google, while I was looking into a series of insidious "employment" ads on monster.com with titles like "People wanted to WORK ONLINE using their computers". It took several searches before I was able to link "Global Online Systems" to Herbalife. I believe that Amway is using a similar camoflage scheme to hide their identity on the internet. In fact, I ran into a strange phenomenon where negative searches like "Herbalife scam" will lead you to distributors with that term right in the ad!! Sounds like a lot of the company's victims are getting desperate to make a buck any way they can.

Thanks also for alleviating any guilt I might experience while ripping down those stupid signs (yes, we have them in Ft. Colins, CO too, although not nearly as many as in Sacramento).

I'll look into whether I can get these ads blocked from the employment websites, now that I know who is behind them.

I have bookmarked your site for future reading. Keep up the good work!


Unemployed computer geek, but never an MLM victim


Just read your web site about Herbalife. Great job. A little while ago I received a letter from my careerbuilder job search about a great work-at-home opportunity. I am always sceptical and assume that it's a scam. Since I research for fun, especially since I am unemployed, I let the research begin.

After hours and hours of Googling, I compiled information about this Home Business System International. I also found other promotional organizations you listed on your site. I decided to check my Monster.com job listings and found a work from home job listed. I clicked, and it lead me to Global Online Systems. I researched the phone number from each entity and everything come from Toronto. All were from the same source. All I was trying to find out was what they were trying to sell me to sell to everyone else.

I found enough information to conclude that it was 100% scam, including numerous watchdog sites that listed them as such. I wanted to to know more, and actully thought about calling one of those toll-free numbers. But I chickened out. I'm glad you didn't. Now It's time to e-mail monster and careerbuilder and who knows what other job listing sites, to tell them that MLM and scammers are wasting valuable listing space from legitimate job posts. I can't stop the influx of these stupid posts. I noticed that monster tries, because they have actully delisted a bunch, but the proliferation continues.

Thank gosh for google.

the Mad Cow


I don't know how, but somehow I got sent or saw the "Global Online Marketing" systems myself. Looking over the webpage, which is very, very nicely done, I kept thinking........."But what the hell do they sell???" Knowing the internet like I do, I decided to do a search for the name, and suddenly I saw a plethora of websites! All pointing to the same site, or copycating it verbatim.   

When I looked further, I finally found your website, and looked over your info. I *knew* the "Global" thing was a "come-on" but I wasn't sure what the company was. I know Herbalife, there's a woman selling the damned stuff where I work, and just the weightloss stuff alone is $100 a month! One of the women I work with buys it and uses it.........damn! That's too much money, when all you need is a little fortitude.

Anyway, thanks............the site you put up answered all my questions, and made good sense. Also kept me from being taken in by such a corporate monster.


Hi Rob,

I really enjoyed your reports and although I had already known that most of these work at home schemes were scams, I hadnt relized how the large majority came from ONE source!

The reason I am emailing you, however, is regarding how I came across your site. While job hunting and scanning the Monster.com site, I read one of the work at home ads, which I usually skip. I  discovered that the poster of the "opportunity" was Global Online Systems. Reading their site, I instantly recognized it as an MLM scam. Curious, I Googled their company name and came across your site proclaiming them to be Herbalife, which led me to your reports. So, it looks like Herbalife is getting its "business starter program" peeps (who are desparate to get new signees, I'm sure) to post on Monster.com :-( Thank you again for your website... I've posted it 

here and there and hope that others will spread it from there.

Take care!



Many thanks Rob,

While looking for a job on Monster.ca I came across the following Job listings 

"Work From Home Using Your Computer!"

"Wouldn't you rather be at home right now?"

"More than just a JOB - let us help you build a business to work from home"

"People Wanted Immediately to Work Online - WORK SMARTER - NOT HARDER!"

"People wanted to WORK ONLINE using their computers"

For these jobs you have to apply on line. So it takes you to a web-site where there is a lot of pep talk but nothing about what you will do. The name of the company seemed to be GLOBAL ONLINE SYSTEMS The way they tried to acquire my personal info didn't feel right. It looks like the only way you can get the online presentation is to give up you email address. When I clicked on the presentation button it allowed me in without giving any info. After scanning through several pages I was no further ahead. I decided to do a Google search on GLOBAL ONLINE SYSTEMS and there you were. I read all your article and just wanted to let you know, your many hours of in depth work and expense is much appreciated. 

I decided to take the time to write you this little note to thank you because I know a lot of people appreciate your work but don't always say thanks.

So, thanks from all of us.


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