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Hey Rob --

Great Website!

Too bad I had to go through 3 or 4 pages of Yahoo results for Global Online/Herbalife to get to the real story. They may be consciously working at keeping their site first on the list. There is a way to get the search engines to list your site up front, but I don't know the details. I believe it has to do with the key words listing your site and refreshing them. I too, find all the flyers, wherever they are left, to be an eyesore in our environment. And now becoming an eyesore on the web -- I suspect that they are reading resumes on Monster.com and calling people. I don't know how they get registered as a legitimate company to do this. I got a call on my answering machine from a person who asked how I was doing with my job search and asked me to call back on a 1-877 (toll-free) number. But usually recruiters leave a company name and some detail about the job and a local phone number. When I called the number to see what it was, the answering machine said "for your free financial needs analysis, leave your name etc" I only recognized this as a toll-free because our transit system uses an 877 number for its disabled service. Monster has a disclaimer about identity theft, but here we are giving our phone numbers unsuspecting to telemarketers, and our email up for spam, as well. Thankfully, monster only has my hotmail address and my mailbox address. I would now recommend everyone do this. 

I had two "work at home" ads from Global Online Marketing today on Monster which were included in a search for accounting people and automatically sent to my email. This was supposed to give me only stuff that responded to criteria I put in their system, and "work at home" was not one of those things. Obviously they have a way to get the work at home ad to come up under all categories.

 Note that there is no company in the listing:

 US-CA-Los Angeles-Wouldn't you rather be working at home right now? :.

Status: Full Time, Part Time, Temporary/Contract/Project Salary:

Royalties, Bonuses and Rewards for YOUR efforts!

[There is a cute little mother-daughter picture here in the listing]


Earn Extra Income Around Your Schedule

Spend More Time with Your Family

Work from Home Online

Earn up to $500 - $1,500 Part Time Earn up to $2,000 - $8,000+ Full Time

No experience necessary. Personal one-on-one training provided!

The "Apply Now" button takes you to Global Online Marketing. Well, thanks again for putting your website up, it was really helpful to me in decoding the Monster.com ads and the mystery 877 phone call.


Hello Rob,

I almost fell victim to this MLM incentive plan today myself after reading for an hr on about.com on the topic of -top ten internet scams.


it was in the featured sponsor links box in the left corner -and it changes with each new page refresh within this box was a link that took me hear: http://flipdog.monster.com/js/jobsearch-results.html?loc=world_US&srch=government&job=1

and thats where the feeling of need started to seed here: http://www.4everdreams.com/main_about.php 

then i did a search on dogpile.com for global marketing and found you here

http://www.dogpile.com/info.dogpl/search/web/is%2Bglobal%2Bonline%2Bsystems%2Bfor%2Breal and here (from others who been to your site)

http://www.voy.com/70935/202.html So, I have been reading your entire website on this company and its disease spreading- mind over matter incentives.

(still reading)

Its made me laugh from your wisdom of dry humor and of real facts and weep for the victims of corporate crime tactics. I got the feeling from your article that all those sign postings were becoming a dismal litter mine field and at the same time a spiraling despensing field day by citizens of the very same communities affected. It real brain food for reminding me(all of us) of whats out there and be smart.

Thanks for posting this.

The 70's were a good decade in its day. I forgot about the tear jerking indian ad (until i saw it here). I also remember the indian chief test pattern on stations that went offline in those days.

Excellent job in this article it deserves alot of merit and notice to all.

Have a good day and thanks,


They are now advertising on Monster. I found your article on Google and appreciate the time and effort you have put in to inform suspecting people like me.

Larry Weiss


Thanks for the great article on Cockeyed.com. As a downsized engineer, I look on Monster.com regularly and came across the “Work From Home” link. I realize only 99.999999% of that stuff is crap but after clicking on the link and reading their “presentation”, I knew it was something like Amway, Herbalife, etc. I find it hard to believe that someone like Monster lets these people put this trash on their website. Keep exposing these kinds of things. We need more crusaders in the world.


Thank you for your website. A few minutes ago I was hooked on the web.

Like millions of others, I am unemployed. After seeing about a zillion of these ads on Monster, CareerBuilders, Hot Jobs, etc. I thought, well, what the heck let me at least see what they are pushing.

So I clicked on one. Much as you described, I was treated to several pages of happy people making lots of money and absolutely no detail about what the business involved. The "hook" was originally to use my computer to make money.

Eventually the site got to the point where they were requesting money for the $39.00 decision kit. At this point I exited the site. Unfortunately for me, I foolishly filled in my email address, which I am certain, means that I am doomed to a life of spam.

While I have no particular problems with Multilevel marketing company's, I have yet to find one that I thought was not a rip-off at some level. Certainly Herbalife seems to be a thin veneer for a Ponzi scheme. Oh sure, it's technically legal, but just barely. And the fact is that as you correctly point out, the company encourages business practices that are a) deceptive and b) illegal in certain areas (such as Sacramento). You would think that at some point, people would ask themselves - Do I really want to work with a bunch of people who encourage business practices like this?

Again, thanks for your site.

Hello Rob,

I wanted to let you know I really enjoy your site. I first found it several months ago; I was curious about the source of the work from home ads on Monster and found you via Google. Your excellent expose on Herbalife hooked me, but "How Much Is Inside" keeps me coming back! When I first read the term "fools vodka" I almost choked to death, since I was at work where bursting out in laughter is just not done. Since then I've read everything on your site at least once, and have a question: what happened to the razor blades article with a dead link in the Archive section? Was it just too violent or suggestive? Do you have a hidden link somewhere on the site so that I can read it? I am interested to see what is deemed unpublishable by you, but I certainly understand if you can't share it for legal reasons myriad and mysterious. Anyway, keep up the good work, I appreciate it along with everyone else who's probably writing in this week. You can check out my website at www.dariablake.com - it's definitely not as entertaining as yours, though.


Daria Blake

I think that Herbalife, possibly not them, is now advertising on Monster.com. It looks, at first glance, like a regular ad. Monster has finally added a little do-dad about it being a work from home opportunity. Anyway, here's the story and the link. I have to say that I found your website based on the horrid signs all over my town and am a loyal reader ever since, about two years now.


Vancouver, WA


International Company Expanding

Access to a computer?

Work from Home Online

Be your own Boss

Set your own hours

up to $500 - $1,500 Part Time

up to $3,000 - $5,000+ Full Time

Absolutely no experience necessary. You will earn as you learn!

You will receive training to use the internet, the mail and the phone

largely from home help build your own business.

The company we represent has been in business for 23 years and they are

established in 58 countries. We will train you from your home to be

successful, working around your schedule.

We have personal mentoring for each new person, along with group telephone

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Currenly we have many serious people who are earning great incomes. This is

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we were living pay check to pay check barely having enough to keep clothes

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In July 2001 we heard about this opportunity and it grabbed our attention.

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Company Information

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I was searching job listings online at Monster.com when I came across listings to make $7200 a month. I was aware of the familiar odor that eminated from this ad, but none-the-less, my curiosity got the best of me and I got sucked into the vortex!
At least Monster put a disclaimer at the bottom stating that this was not a job posting, but a business opportunity.

But just to let you know that they are now spamming Monster with a link from the job listing page to Global Online Systems webpage, offered all of the same promises of wealth and financial freedom as the usual pitch. What really bothered me was that they promised me the world and told me nothing and at the end of the pitch was a form to order some info. package for $39.95 without even telling me what I was buying - What Nerve! Of course, I'm not surprised at all.

I've been around the block a couple of times. Well... ok, a couple of thousand times, so I know what game these people are playing and it only makes me detest them all the more. As much as I hate all of these plans that really just take hard-working peoples hard-earned money, they all have one thing in common:

They are contagious and have the ability to reach millions of people like the flu.

Let me pose a couple of questions to you. What if a small group of dedicated individuals with brains and knowhow were determined to utilize this phenomenom to help the hard-working masses instead of hurt them, by actually providing useful products & or services. The problem seems to be the products - Let's face it, they suck!. And What if it was conducted in a professional, ethical fashion that didn't step on toes ie. spam, signs, dangerous herbs. Like it or not, network marketing works (and I'm not an MLM or Network Marketing advocate) it does spread like wild fire. Unfortunately, 99.9% of the companies have been scamming people instead of actually performing legitimate business practices. So my big question is What if... the network marketing concept were run like a real business/company with real products. Do you think it is possible? Just think about how many people bought into crap without even knowing what they were buying. What if, not only did they know, but were super educated to the features, benefits, and value of the business and products and not only that, but the products were not good but GREAAATTT!!! Frosted Flakes, yeah, Frosted Flakes. Products like, books, cd's, dvd's, software, artwork... just throwing that around. What if someone could get recording artists to sell their downloadable songs through a network. Power to the People, Baby!

I have been ripped off so many times by these scamsters that I feel an obligation to all of the hard-working people out there. People that have used their last $295, that could have paid their electric bill, or credit card, or car payment or just had some fun with their kids, that instead gave their money to some MLM crook because he promised them a better life. What if a plan could be devised that actually gave the people what they were promised?

I believe that the phenomenon works and proof is all of those stupid signs out there and internet spam that is out of control. What if a plan could be devised morally and ethically to offer deliverance to the masses. What if it was real? What if we made it real? I do know there is a tremendous market potential out there for everyday working people who would like to work a real, part time business in the evenings and weekends to help them get ahead of their bills and even become financially independent.

If you or someone you know might be interested in collaborating on some ideas here, like just kicking around some possibilities and throwing some information back and forth, let me know.

Well, anywho... I enjoyed reading your website. Thanks for informing me that Global Online Systems is really Herbalife. RUNNN!!!!!
Dan Goldsmith
Elmira, NY
I would just like to say, thank you very much for your time and effort in having this information available to the public. I will forward all the info to everyone I know.

I got the "work at home" info from Monster.com. There were two jobs which had "work from home" under the company name on my daily Job Search Agent Results. I was laid off from work and have been looking for work for about 6 months now. I did a search with the comapny name Global Online Systems just because I like to try and get as much info as possible before buying anything and stumbled upon your website.

Your Awsome!!

Thanks Again.


Los Angeles, CA

p.s. Those signs are here too....figures..

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