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I saw your post. They are advertising on Monster now for real jobs. I would like to talk to you if you have info about this company.


Thank you.

It irks me that these people are constantly posting jobs on monster.com and careerbuilder.com. I’m a graphic designer, however, somehow within my strict area of expertise (art direction/creative/graphic design) I always get these stupid jobs coming my way. OH THE INSANITY OF IT ALL!

I too find the signs everywhere repulsive, and the flyers washing away to the ocean very sad.

Several years ago when I lived in LA I heard on the radio that the owner of Herbalife was murdered. I found it strange that there was no media fanfare about it, nor too many details revealed, or anything about the suspects. I’m wondering if you have learned anything about the murder? What if it was a disgruntled “independent distributor”, or angry environmentalist? I ask, who could blame them?

Lorinda Hill

Hello Rob:

I just want to thank you for the information about the "work from home" scam being run from herbalife. I may very well have fallen for it. These people are now putting very discreet ads on Monster.com, as global online systems, which I think is skirting the edge ethics. They set themselves up as a job opportunity, for people who are already desperate, and then take them for what little money they might have left. What a bunch of callous bums! The mellinger company is similar, as are numerous job placement "agencies", I don't know how these people sleep at night. I can not tell you how appalled, and then angry I was when I read your piece on the company. There is something about these people that goes beyond cruelty, as if it is their desire, not only to make money, but to destroy people in the process. How else can you explain taking advantage of unemployed people who may already be at their wits end, and are trying to find honest work?

I have written a letter of complain to Monster.com, and hope that they are moved to remove these scammers from their otherwise useful and commendable site. I also now see that a huge percentage of the spam I receive is from herbalife people. It is sort of fitting actually. The biggest purveyors of spam seem to be porn sites, penis enlargement sites, herbalife people, people who want to offer me credit or refinance my home, and then the nigeran scammers. I guess you are defined by the company you keep. Another frightening thing about this is that, at least in regard to the original formulas, you are paying money to someone so that you can be a drug dealer. Anyone with any sort of conscience at all should think twice about this, but of course one of the purposes of being slowly drawn in, and mentored is the circumvention of conscience. I also have to wonder who formulated these products, is there a team of doctors, pharmacists, and biologists working for this company, are these products FDA approved for anything?

Actually, the whole tie in with drugs, and addiction is kind of interesting. From what I have seen, the herbalife life style is a formula for compulsive or even addictive behavior. We are human beings, the most intelligent, feeling and capable creatures on the planet, and herbalife has narrowed the whole scope of our existence down to selling pills by putting up poster, hanging plastic bags, and putting flyers on cars. You have to wonder what these people could accomplish if all of this energy went to something worthwhile. Following this program takes their lives away. I backtracked to the rest of your website, which is very nice, and a lot more upbeat than your herbalife section. The travel sections were nice, and it seems you are having fun with the site. I have done something along the same liines, though not quite as nice looking, at: http://www.notpurfect.com 

You may or may not like it depending on your politics (I can be a bit outspoken on some issues). Still, we all need our forums.

herbalife is evil (this might not be a bad domain name)



My brother has been out of work for over a year. He has been searching for jobs on Monster.com. One of the “alleged” job leads he had received was from our friends a Global Systems Online earn $10K at month at home. Sounds too good to be true, right? Luckily my brother asked me to check out the company before he invested the initial $39 for a starter pack. That’s when I found your website explaining the real deal. Thanks for taking the time to publish your research, it’s been a great help to us.


Dave Emanuel


Thank you so much for your site with the information about the "Herbalife" signs.

I'm not in the best of health right now and although we can survive while I'm not at work (hopefully temporary), we do much better when we are able to enjoy extra activites and travel. With one 15 year old daughter that also means that keeping up with every fashion trend, beauty trend and the almighty "we just have to have a car of our own when we get our license" is also pressure.

I am very motivated to make money even though I am currently uanble to sit in an office all day and thought I would check monster.com to see if there was anything interesting or maybe even something part time that would be okay for me. I saw a great ad for working at home, confidential company it said. I went to the link and it took me to a site where I read through the very good sounding information and success stories. I clicked on the link to purchase the information packet but got to thinking...

No company product info and nothing else that let me know that this would be ok so I opened a second internet window and searched for global online systems. One of the list was a link to your site. I read that and after the first couple pages I then clicked out of the site that was waiting for me to make payment on the package. Thank you for the information and the site. I have always wondered where they came from and why all these ugly signs are all over the place, and believe me, here in Illinois (Chicago suburbs) there are many. I saved myself aggravation and hard earned money... so thank you so very much - again.

Hello, my name is Sheri Lynn, and I received an email from Global Online Service's Inc, through a job website called "Monsterjobs", which is an excellent venue for seeking employment. I am very surprised that this company is promoting this, on this site. Their presentation was very impressive, however I was concerned with not knowing anything about what I would be selling.

So, I decided to do some research before going any further. Boy, am I glad I did!! 

Your information on your website was a real eye opener, and I found your commentary to be quite entertaining, as well as extremely informative.

I have my own business that I truly love. That's what it is all about. Having integrity in what you do is so important. Thank you for your determination, honesty, and hard work in order to help other people from being lured into this shady marketing scam.

Best Wishes,

Sheri Lynn Lemire


I want to to say thank you for your efforts in your research about Herbalife. I have been on a job search for about 4 months in the Chicago market and have used Monster. com as 1 of my tools.

I receive these job hits through monster all the time and for the first time I took some interest in them and almost sent for the kit. The only thing that stopped me is when I did a search for the company that was posted I saw your link and was glad I did. I always try to be very careful with these types of offers but I was feeling desperate. Thanks for saving me the $40!

The following is what Monster.com sends me.


>From Home Today APPLY


>From Home Today APPLY


>From Home Today APPLY


>From Home Today APPLY


Thanks again for your insight!



Hi Rob,

I just wanted to say thanks for your information!!!

I was looking for a job (on Monster.ca) when I found Global Online Systems (the are actually postong jobs!!!). I actually got to the point where they are sending me e-mails and I was wondering if this could be a good opportunity!!

Thanks to your web site, I won't be spending anymore time or hard earned money trying to find out about them.

Keep it up, it's working!!!!!

Maliya Descôteaux
Montréal (Canada)

Hi Rob. I found your web site very informative. You should be pleased to know that your site comes up first if you Google “Global Online Systems”.

These signs are plastered all around my hometown of Norwalk, Connecticut just as they are in Sacramento. What really makes me mad is that GOS is advertising on Monster.com as if they were offering real jobs. A job search is very time consuming on its own, and even more frustrating when a source that I once trusted (Monster) is now helping to promote MLM scams. I have submitted complaints to Monster and hope that you will suggest visitors to your site do the same.

Your site also prompted me to think about the legal question surrounding whether Herbalife can be held responsible for the illegal activities of its “independent reps.” Although I believe that Herbalife could easily be held responsible for the illegal activity of it’s “independent reps”, this would probably be a difficult and unrewarding legal approach. I did a bit of research, which was highlighted by a document published by Herbalife from which I concluded that only a very small handful of distributors actually make any money: <http://www.herbalife.com/epages/wizard/informationfiles/CLIENT161072201953745.pdf>

My immediate reaction to all of this is an action under the RICO laws. If you don’t know about RICO, take a look at www.ricoact.com <http://www.ricoact.com>. The legal standard for policing MLM scams seems to based on a fairly old case regarding AMWAY. The court found that Amway was not an illegal pyramid scheme because they had “safeguards” in place that require all reps to actually sell at least 70% of the products they buy to at least 10 unique end users. This was enough for Amway to show that the primary goal is to sell products and that signing up downline reps is secondary. Well, Herbalife does not seem to meet the Amway 70% standard. In fact, Herbalife’s own materials suggest that someone may want to get involved for the sole purpose of buying products for their own use.

Interestingly enough, I found at least one civil RICO suit filed against Herbalife last year. The suit alleges, among other things, that Herbalife (and its various affiliated corporations) promote programs that allow new reps to immediately buy-in at the supervisor level and encourage reps to spend most of their time signing up downline reps rather than selling products. You may want to publish this link on your web site to encourage other victims to get involved in this suit, or file their own in other states: <http://www.mlmsurvivor.com/resources/nwtwComplaint.pdf>

Thanks for taking the time to read my rants. Hopefully it will help someone…

Best regards,


Neal Fink

Norwalk, CT

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