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Hi, Rob.

Thank you for your eye-opening research on Herbalife.

Here is an email I got from Monster.com after I posted my resume there the other day. I wonder if they know or care about the kind of crap their sponsors are putting out? The two "job" hotlinks both go to a site titled "Global Online Systems". Here is the link: http://jobsearch.monster.ca/getjob.asp?JobID=19388356

I was a bit suspicious about the vehement disclaimers on the "Global Online Systems" site that they weren't MLM, so I decided to use the great internet search capability to see if there was another side to this story.

When I looked up "Global Online Systems" on Google, yours was the third link that came up. Great positioning!

Thanks again. Keep up the good work!



Hi Rob,

I very much appreciated your article on Herbalife. I currently live in Germany, so I won't be much help with cleaning up the town (of Sacramento). But I'm an American and I remember the indian commercial. But what bothers me the most is that they are actually playing with peoples lives to their benefit and not the people doing the work. I doubt very much that many of them are successful enough to make any money at all. Therefore Herbalife is geting something or nothing, These people posting the signs are really wasting their time but are hopeful of success. I came upon this when I checked Monster.com. There were about 10 ads for work from home jobs similiar to the MO you found with the signs. Somewhere along the way the company name was listed. I did a search and came up with Herbalife. Your website was listed in the top 5 and I read your article. I agree with you something needs to be done. But they also have the right to post jobs. What I also feel is that the people have the right to know what this is all about up front, instead of being deceptively lured into this. What are your thoughts?

Let me know. Thanks again for saving me the time.


Mike Doll

Your article was a revealing of the truth. I live in the Seattle area and see these signs etc...all the time also. I always figure them to be a scam. I have a good job in marketing, but like most people I am looking for more.

I came across "Global Online Systems" on Monster.com while browsing jobs. I reviewed their site and figured a scam, however they are very convincing on the site and I figured what is $39.00 to find out what they are really doing? Before spending the $39.00 I decided to do a search on "Global Online Systems" and came across your article. Thanks to you I do not have to spend any money or time to figure these people out, I am however going to respond to the next email I from them (which is about 3 a day) with a hint of what I was able to uncover and perhaps insert a link to your article for them to take a look at!!!

Excellent work!!!

Not Fooled

Issaquah WA

Hi Rob,

My name is Sherry and I just wanted to thank you for your research into this company. I saw an add in Monster.com and it sounded to good to be true. I was on the internet for hours last night reading their info, but was unable to find out exactaly what they did. This morning I did a Google search and found your article. Thank you, I hate their products!!!!

I also read your "Why visit Sacramento" article...it's pretty cool and very much appreciated since I lived in Sacramento for 28 years.

We lived off Bradshaw Road, when my marriage ended, I left the state looking for a new life. Two years later, I still haven't found it and plan on returning sometime next Spring.

Thank you for your article, and the many pictures to view...it was a trip down memory lane and now I know it's where my heart is. Thanks again~

Sherry H.


I read your report on the herbalife scam. I can't thank you enough!!! I live in NJ and the signs are posted everywhere around here. I always wondered what they were but never followed up on them. I have recently become a stay at home Mom after working full time for fourteen years. I did a search for part-time jobs and work at home jobs on Monster.com. Each time I did, I found a list of several legitimate jobs as well as some for Globalnet Marketing Solutions. Anyway, what led me to your website was a Google search of Globalnet Marketing Systems. I must tell you, the Globalnet websites I visited contained success stories and made promises that were very tempting to someone like me who wants so badly to stay home with my children and needs to supplement my husband's income to stay afloat financially. It is disgusting that these herbalife people prey on so many desperate and naive people. I am so glad I found your report. Thanks......a million.


Patti Ellis

Hillsborough, NJ


You’ve probably got this already, but just in case, Russell is now selling the Herbalife philosophy under the “60 minute money” banner, from www.firehotfuture.com and www.60minsucceed.com … and probably a few more that I haven’t tracked yet. Interestingly, these guys are now actively targeting “candidates” by getting CV search results from job boards such as Monster.com. I have complained to Monster about this, they are looking into it, but I suspect they will be powerless to stop it!


Anyway, hope this helps.

Best regards,

Kevin Brown

Hi Rob....just wanted to thank you for posting your research online regarding Herbalife. I was laid off recently from a very good job and have been checking Monster every day. This morning, as usual, I checked the Human Resource category and the 1st listing was for a company Global Online....with an attached presentation regarding the benefits of working for this "home-based" company. I asked a friend of mine to check it out and after doing so, he forwarded me your website requesting that I check it out before proceeding with Global Online. I'm so glad I did! No way would I want to be involved with this scam!! Thanks so much for helping me to "read between the lines".....



Hey Rob,

I wanted to say thanks for saving me lots of money, time and headaches!! I was on monster.com looking for a job and I saw this "work at home. immediate need" ...well since this is a reputable website I checked it out and went through the whole success story crap and was getting more and more skeptical as I went along and was just about to whip out my credit card...then I read the disclaimer at the bottom (as I was in advertising in the past) and it stated that it was a multilevel marketing business and the average person only makes $2000 a year....then I went to yahoo to find out more, put in the global internet solutions or whatever the name was and found your website and read the whole thing and I am so thankful that you went through all your efforts to save people from making a terrible mistake! Thanks again!

Paul Reiber

Jackson, MI

Hi Rob:

I came across your website and read it thoroughly about Herbalife products and Global Online Systems.

I too somewhat fell captive to this hoax. I've worked for the same company for 20 years and recently the owner decided to sell the company, a small family owned business.

I was in a state of shock and disbelief and was in the frame of mind to grab the first opportunity that came along.

Well, don't you know I came across Global Online Systems on Monster.com and decided I would give it a try. I only got as far as paying the initial $39.95. When the materials arrived and my husband and I reviewed them we immediately decided it was either a pyramid venture or a scam. Within a few days a representative (distributor) contacted me and explained the process. Yes, he wanted $299.00 for the next package of materials. Well, after discussing my great idea with my family we decided not to pursue this venture.

The best part about this is that they advertise a 90 day money back guarantee but there is no where on their website that you can contact them directly to get your money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, thankfully I am only out the $39.95 but I so feel for others who have been taken to the cleaners for the $2000.00 or more.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that your information is great. Unfortunately I read it a little too late but hopefully you have saved many others from wasting big time money on this "deal".


Hi Rob,

I read your article regarding 'Work At Home' scams. I was searching through monster.com last nite and came across on one of these scams. I clicked on the link and brought me to a site www.predictfreedom.com. It is a form of Global Online Systems. It sounds like Herbalife. I went to www.register.com to see who owns the web site address for predictfreedom. It belongs to a guy by the name of Fritz Conrad. He has also registered the following domain names: securedestiny.com, tips2gettingit.com, hawkhomefree.com, optimumfuture.com, decideyourlifestyle.com, and diet2000.net. If you go to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) site, you will find a complaint on Fritz Conrad. Have you heard of this guy? I've seen alot of MLM's through the years, but this one takes the cake. In the website, predictfreedom, there are some testimonials from actual individuals with first and last names. I checked a couple of them through www.switchboard.com and they don't exist. It's unbelievable how so many people buy in to this scam. I live in Los Angeles myself and have seen these signs all over my neighborhood as well. I'm sure there's nothing illegal about the signs being posted but the way Herbalife is trying to lure innocent people to becoming distributors is totally wrong. Something must be done.



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