iPhone vs. Galaxy Note size comparison

Galaxy Note is Quite Wide

I recently traded in my old iPhone for a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It was a big change.

The Galaxy Note is gigantic, and thanks to the weird economics of the smart phone business, it was the same price as a much smaller phone.

A larger phone isn't for everyone, but it was a nice upgrade for me.

Not long after my upgrade, I passed a truck on the freeway, toting a Smart car sideways on its bed, tucked in front of a camping trailer. It was crazy! I didn't get a photo, but you can get the idea with the picture below.

It was quite a startling realization, that the Smart car is so small that it almost fits sideways in the footprint of a "regular" car.

And that realization led me to a comparison between my old phone and my new one. The iPhone 4 screen fit sideways into the footprint of the Galaxy Note.

Now I realize that with my old phone was the Smart car equivalent to a full-size phone. It's compact size is probably just right for a lot of jobs.