Mobile Phone Drivers

I love looking at people in their cars. Sometimes they sing, sometimes they eat, sometimes they play with the hydraulic suspension.

Lately it seems like everyone is talking on their mobile phone.


Sure dialing and talking to people while driving is dangerous, but distracted driving isn't anything new. 
Phones in cars have a million great uses too. This one tool can make a businessman considerably more effective. I don't think mobile phones are coming out of cars anytime soon.
It struck me that phoning drivers are only going to get more and more common, so I decided to take a survey of what the current saturation is this year, 2002.

I stood at the corner of 5th and I Street in Downtown Sacramento and counted a thousand cars driving by, making a little mark on my sheet whenever the driver was holding a phone to his or her ear.

It was Friday, September 13th at 4:30pm. The survey took about 45 minutes.

Most drivers were just driving.  Out of 1000 drivers, I tallied 71 phoning drivers. This was 7.1% of the drivers.

I didn't count motorcycles or bicycles.

I spotted five hands-free headsets. Additionally three of the thousand drivers were smoking and four were eating.

I thought the percentage of phoning drivers would be higher, which was slightly disappointing for some reason. In any case, I feel like there is some value to knowing the actual figures.


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Last updated November 26, 2002.

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