Highway Patriotism

On Wednesday, January 30, 2002, I went out and conducted a survey of two parking lots near my house. Since Sept. 11, plenty of sticker and antenna flags have shown up on cars around Sacramento and (I assume) the rest of this nation.  At times it has seemed like every car on the road has one.


I got the idea that I should take a count, so that I could accurately state what percentage of cars in my area have flags. I guess I wanted to have a number...that I can look back and say, "that was the most patriotic time in America I ever lived was amazing".



I counted 1000 cars at a movie theatre lot and at Arden Fair Mall.

130 had a U.S. flag sticker, 14 had antenna flags, 16 had flags displayed inside the car.  There were seven cars with more than one sticker, three with red-white-n-blue ribbons or leis, and one truck with a big old faithful flying from the back.

This brings me to a total of 171, or 17.1% of cars flying the colors of the US.

I also spotted a Scottish flag, Polish flag, a Cuban flag, a Ukrainian flag and a sticker promoting a Palestinian state.

If you ever want to compare the patriotism in Sacramento to the patriotism in your town, go count a thousand cars and compare your numbers to these.

No fair going to a baseball game or boy-scout jamboree. 

Finally, I had to include this Styrofoam to-go container from the China Inn inside the mall's food court.

This is the weirdest symbol of patriotism I have seen come out since Sept. 11.

It's going in MY car.

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