The U.S. military is for rich people

I think my fair share of military spending is about $200 a year.

The U.S. military is for rich people.

I don't have a lot of possessions. I've got a 10 year old car and a house full of furniture and clothes. I own a house, but I owe a couple hundred thousand dollars on it. Really, a bank owns the house.

So why am I helping to pay so much for the U.S. Military? What of mine are they protecting?

With military bases in Japan, Germany, the Philipines, Guam and 66 other countries, the U.S. Department of Defense is spread all over the globe. That's really nice, but it isn't something I want to help pay for. Nor do I think it is vital to the defense of U.S. soil or our allies.

Why do we have bases all over the place? Is it to protect "our interests" in other parts of the world? When I hear this, I think of factories owned by GE, Bayer and Monsanto, and of refineries owned by Chevron and BP.

The Military is for the Rich

I've started to realize that the U.S. military is mostly dedicated to protecting investors and stockholders. Do you know what protects our actual homes, trees, kids and backyards? Vast oceans. The wide expanse of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans protects us from an invading army. The oceans have protected our country since 1776. Well, except for Hawaii. Hawaii was attacked in 1941, Hawaii was crushed by bombs and kamakazi pilots, but we should note that Hawaii wasn't invaded. Even Hawaii was too goddamned far away to invade in 1941.

The Military is for the Rich

The richest 1% of Americans hold 50% of the nation's wealth, shouldn't they be paying for half of the military?

I think people with kids should pay for schools, I think people who fly should pay for the airports and I think people with all the money should pay for the military.