What is the tallest building in your town?

Below is a roundup of answers to the question "What is the tallest building in your town?"

The red line represents the height of that building, showing approximately one pixel per floor. There are sometimes multiple answers for a town.

Ada: Ada Feed & Seed (the elevator is the tallest thing in town) 
Adelaide Australia, Santos Building, around 20 stories 
  Adelaide: Santos Building, at 31 floors (442 ft) 
Agassiz: Apartment building, at 3 floors 
Ajax: apartment buildings ~20 floors
Akron, OH: First National Tower - 1931, at 27 floors (331 ft) (also is tallest in Summit county OH) 
Albuquerque, New Mexico: Bank of Albuquerque Building. 351 feet, 22 floors.
  Albuquerque: Bank of America Building, at 16 floors (235 ft)
  Albuquerque: Bank of America Building, is actually 22 floors (351 ft) 
Albuquerque: High Finance Restaurant; 1 floor; 10,678 ft (on top of Sandia Peak) 
Ames, IA: Legacy Towers, 7 floors (129 feet)
Amherst, MA: W.E.B. DuBois Library, at 26 floors (297 ft) 
Ann Arbor: Tower Plaza, at 26 floors 
Annapolis: Maryland State House, 3 floors, 200 feet, one dome.
Antwerp: Cathedral Of Our Lady, at 123 m (404 ft.) 
Arlington, VA: Rosslyn Twin Towers, 31 stories (381 ft.) 
Asheville NC:BB&T Building, at 18 floors 
  Astoria, Oregon: the Astor Column, 256 steps 
Atlanta, Bank of America Plaza, at 55 floors (1,023 feet)
  Atlanta: Bank of America tower, at 55 floors (1023 ft) 
Auburn, Alabama: Haley Center, 9 stories
Auckland (New Zealand): Sky Tower - 328m (1076ft) 
  Auckland (New Zealand): Vero Centre, at 38 stories(170m/558ft) 
  Auckland, New Zealand: Sky Tower, 1076 ft (328 meters) 
Austin, Tx: Frost Bank Building, at 33 floors (515 ft) 
  Austin, TX: Frost Bank Tower, 33 floors (515 feet, 9 inches) 
  Austin: Frost Bank Tower, at 33 floors (515 ft 9 inches) 
  Austin: Frost Bank Tower, at 33 floors (515 ft) 
Baltimore: Legg Mason Building, at 40 floors (529 ft)
Barnwell: Old Bank Building, at 4 floors 
Barre Vermont: Old folks tower 10 floors 
Bastrop, LA: International Paper Mill, 1 Floor 150 ft
Batavia, Illinois: Robert Rathburn Wilson Hall, at 16 floors (239 ft) 
Baton Rouge: State Capitol Building, at 34 floors (450 ft) 
Beaverbam, OH: tha grain elevator 
Belgium, Lier: St-Gummarus Church, 269 ft (82 m) 
Bellevue, WA: One Lincoln Tower, 42 Floors (450 Feet) 
Berlin, Germany: Fernsehturm (Television Tower) at 368m (1,207 ft) 
  Berlin: Fernsehturm, at 368 meters 
Bethlehem, PA: Martin Tower, at 21 floors (330 ft) 
Beverly, MA: Cummings Center, at 35 ft
Birmingham, AL: Wachovia Tower, 34 floors (454 ft) 
Bismarck: Capitol Building, at 19 floors 
Boca Raton: Boca Raton Resort and Club Tower, at 27 floors 
Boise, ID: US Bank Building 20 floors (267ft) 
  Boise, Idaho. U.S. Bank, at 20 floors (293 ft) 
Boston, MA: John Handcock Tower. 60 Stories 790ft 
  Boston: john hancock tower, at 60 floors (790 ft / 241 m) 
Boulder: Williams Village Towers (it's a three way tie) at 15 floors 
Brawley: Planter's Hotel, at 4 floors (~ 40 ft ??)
Bremerton: Norm Dicks Government Center, at 6 floors (not sure how many feet) 
Brisbane, Australia: Vision Tower, at 80 floors (250 metres) 
  Brisbane: Aurora Apartment Building, at 69 floors (207m or 679ft) 
  Brisbane: Aurora Tower at 69 floors (219m or 718 ft) 
Brooklyn: Williamsburgh Bank, at 34 floors (512 ft) 
  Brooklyn: Williamsburgh Savings Bank Building, at 34 floors (512 feet) 
Buenos Aires, Argentina: Torres El Faro (two twin buildings, each has 46 floors, 170mt = 558 ft) 
Buffalo, HSBC, 38 floors
Burns Lake, BC, Canada: Lakeland Hotel, 4 floors. 
Calgary, AB: Petro-Canada Centre - West, at 53 stories (705 ft) 
  Calgary, Canada: Petro Canada Building, at 53 stories (689 feet) 
  Calgary: Petro Canada Centre West tower, 53 storeys, 215m 
  Calgary: Petro Canada Centre West, at 53 floors (706 ft) 
Calvert Memorial Hospital - 5 stories with a completely underground basement 
Cambridge, MA: MIT's Green Building, at 23 stories (227 ft) 
  Cambridge, UK: Addenbrooke's Hospital chimney, 80 metres (260ft) 
Camp Verde, Arizona: Verde View Senior Apartments, 4 floors
Canberra, Australia: Telstra Tower (640 ft) 
  Canberra, Australia: Telstra Tower, the building is 195m (639.76378 feet) tall
Caroline NY: Agway Feed Silo, 90ft 
Cedar Creek, TX: U.S. Post Office 
Cedar Rapids, IA: Alliant Energy Tower, at 21 stories (285 ft). 
  Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Alliant Energy Tower, at 21 floors (285 ft) 
  Cedar Rapids, Iowa: debateable. Alliant Energy Tower at 21 stories (285 ft)
Charlotte NC: Bank of America Building (60 stories)
  Charlotte: Bank of America Corporate Center, 60 floors (871 ft.) 
Chicago, Il: Sears Tower, at 110 floors (1353 ft) 
  Chicago: Sears Tower, at 110 Floors (1450 glorius feet of American craftmanship). 
  Chicago: Sears Tower at 110 floors (1450ft 7in) 
  Chicago: Sears Tower, at 108 floors (1450'7") 
  Chicago: Sears Tower, at 108 floors (1730 ft to antenna) 
Chico, CA: Whitney Hall 16 stories.
  chico, ca: whitney hall dormitory, at 9 floors 
Cincinnati, Ohio: Carew Tower, at 48 floors (574 ft) 
  Cincinnati: Carew Tower, 49 floors (574 feet) It was built in 1931. 
Clearwater, Florida: Island Way apartments 16 Floors 
Cleveland: Key Bank Tower, 57 stories (947 ft) 
  Cleveland: Key Tower, at 63 Floors/57 office floors (948 ft) 
Coffeyville: Dale Apartments, at 6 floors
College Station, Tx: University Tower, at 17 floors (~356ft)
Colorado Springs: Holly Sugar Building, 14 floors [Holly Sugar Co. left in 1997] 
Columbus,OH: James A. Rhodes State Office Tower, 629 ft 
  Columbus: Rhodes State Office Tower, at 41 floors (629 ft)
Cookeville, TN: Cookeville Regional Medical Center, at 5 floors. 
Coquitlam: Obelisk (Condos), at 35 floors (99 meters) 
Corpus Christi: One Shoreline Plaza, at 28 floors (411 ft)
Costa Mesa, CA: Center Tower, South Coast Plaza at 21 floors (285 ft) 
Creole, Louisiana. Mr. Thibodeaux's house. 28 feet.
Dallas: Bank of America Plaza, at 72 floors (921 ft)
Davis, Sproul Hall, 9 stories 
Dayton (Ohio): Kettering Tower, at 30 floors (405 feet) 
  Dayton, Kettering Tower, at 30 floors (408 ft) 
  Dayton, OH: Kettering Tower, at 30 floors (408 ft)
DC: By law, the Washington Monument, followed by the Capitol.
DeKalb, IL: Homes Student Center (NIU) 16 Floors 
Denton, Texas: Guinn Hall, at 24 floors
Denver CO: Republic Plaza, at 56 floors (714 ft) 
Des Moines, IA: 801 Grand (Principal Financial Group), at 45 floors (630 ft) 
  Des Moines: Principal Financial Group Builiding, at 44 floors (629 ft) 
Detroit, MI: General Motors HQ: 5 floors 
Detroit, MI: Renaissance Center, 73 floors(747') 
  Detroit: Rennaissance Center, 73 floors, 725 feet 
  Dublin, Ireland: Liberty Hall, 16 stories (60 metres). 
Dubuque, IA: St. Mary's Church, 252 ft. steeple 
Durham, NC: University Tower, at 17 floors (356 ft.) 
East Lansing, MI: Spartan Stadium, at 165 ft. 
East Meadow, New York, 90 Merrick Avenue, at 9 floors (137 ft)
Edmonds, WA Stevens Memorial Hospital, 8 stories 
Edmonton, Allberta: Vista 33 (now one of the Telus Towers), at 33 floors
Edmonton, Canada: Manulife Place, at 36 floors (479 feet) 
  El Paso Tx: Wells Fargo Bank Building 
Enfield, CT: Bigelow Commons, at 5 floors approx. 70ft. 
Ennis, Ireland: Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul. 69m. 
Eugene, Oregon: Ya-Po-Ah Terrace, at 18 floors. 
Evansville, Indiana: Old National Bank Building: 18 floors, 248 ft
Everett, WA: Everett Mutual Tower 14 floors 
  Everett, WA: Snohomish County Jail, at 9 floors 
Fertile MN, Grain Elevator 
Flagstaff, AZ: Sechrist Residence Hall, 8 floors
  Flagstaff: Sechrist Hall 8 floors Northern Arizona Universtiy 
Flin Flon: The Smoke Stack, 825 ft
Fort Wayne, Indiana: Lincoln Bank Tower, 312' (95 m), 22 floors 
Fort Wayne: Summit Square, 27 floors (442 ft, 134.7 m) 
Fort Worth: Burnett Plaza, at 40 stories (567 ft) 
Freiburg: Münster 116 m
Fresno, CA: Federal Courthouse, at 16 floors (225 ft.) 
  Fresno: Del Webb Building, 16 floors 
Ft. Worth TX: Burnett Plaza, 40 floors, 567 feet 
Galt, California: City Water Tower, at 3 floors
Giessen, Germany: Dachcafé, 40m (131 ft; don't know the number of floors) 
Gilbert Plains, MB, Canada: CIBC, at 2 stories 
Glasgow, Scotland: Glasgow Tower, at 410ft 
 Glasgow: Glasgow Tower, at 400 feet 
Glorieta, New Mexico. The Holcomb Tower. 150 feet tall.
Grants Pass: Old (possibly haunted) Patino's Building, 8 storeys
Grass Lake, MI- A Tie at 2 Floors!
Greater Vancouver area: One Wall Center, at 48 floors (150 meters) 
Green Bay WI - St. Vincent's Hospital - 10 floors 
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: Fenwick Place, at 22 floors (321 ft) 
  Halifax, Nova Scotia: Fenwick Place, at 33 floors (321ft / 98m) 
  Halifax, NS: Fenwick Place, 98 metres 
  Halifax: Fenwick Place at 32 floors (98 metres/320 feet) 
Hartford, CT: City Place I, 38 floors (538 feet) 
  hartford: City place 1 535 ft 38 floors 
Hatchett Green: My barn (26 feet)
Helsinki, Finland: Cirrus tower/apartment block, 26 floors, (92 m/302 ft) 
Honolulu: First Hawaiian Center, at 30 stories (429 feet) 
Houston outside of downtown: Williams Tower (formerly Transco Tower), at 64 floors (901ft)
Houston, JPMorgan Chase Tower at 75 floors (1002 feet) 
  Houston, JPMorgan Chase Tower at 75 floors (305 m (1,002 ft)) built: 1982
  Houston, Texas - JPMorgan Chase Tower 75 floors (1006 ft.)
Indianapolis: Chase Tower (formerly Bank One Tower), 49 floors (811 ft) 
  Indianapolis: Chase Tower, 48 floors, 700ft (830ft inc. spires). 
Jacksonville, FL: Bank of America Building (620 ft) 
  Jacksonville, FL: Bank of America Building, at 42 Floors (617 ft or 188.0 m) 
Jonesville, VA: Courthouse, at 3 floors (45 ft)
Juneau, AK: Mendenhall Apartment Building, at 12 floors 
Kansas City: One Kansas City Place, at 42 floors (632 ft) 
  Kansas City: One Kansas City Place, at 42 floors (651 ft) 
Key West, FL: La Concha Hotel, at 7 floors (~105ft) 
Killeen, Texas. Plaza Hotel 5 floors
Kinomoto, Shiga, Japan: Concrete Factory Tower 
Knob Creek: Bank of West Virginia Tower, at 90 floors
Knoxville TN: First Tennessee Plaza building, 27 floors 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Petronas Tower 1&2, at 88 stories (1,483 ft.) 
La Harpe, IL: La Harpe Elementary School, at 3 floors
Lake Charles, La. The L'Auberge Du Lac Casino around 300 feet high.
  Lake Charles, Louisiana. L'Auberge du Lac casino. 26 floors (308 feet) 
Lakeport, CA: Courthouse 4 floors 
Lakewood, CA: Washington Mutual Building, at 5 stories 
Lansing, MI: Boji Tower - 25 Stories
  Lansing, MI: Boji Tower, 23 stories (345 ft) 
Las Vegas: Stratosphere Tower 1,149 ft
  Las Vegas: Stratosphere Tower, 6 floors all at top (1149 ft) 
Lawrenceburg, Indiana: Ivy Tech Community College, at 5 floors 
Lawrenceville, IL. The water tower. Its about 80 feet tall. My sisters name WAS on it. 
Lebanon Oregon, Phone Company, at 4 floors. 
Leeds, Maine, Additon Farm House, at 3 floors and an attic. 
Lincoln, NE: State Capitol Building, at 400 ft (14 floors) (tallest per city ordinance) 
  Lincoln: Nebraska State Capitol, at 14 floors (400 ft) 
Little Rock, AR: Metropolitan National Bank Building, at 40 floors (547 ft)
  Little Rock: Metropolitan Bank Tower (formerly TCBY tower), at 40 floors (574 ft) 
London (Ontario): One London Place, at 24 floors (372 ft) 
  London Ontario, Canada: One London Place, at 372 feet tall
London, uk: One Canada Square, Canary Wharf Tower - (770.8ft) 
Longmont, CO: 1st Bank Building, at 6 floors
Los Angeles: Library Tower aka US Bank Tower, at 74 floors (1018 ft, 310 meters) 
  Los Angeles: US Bank Tower, 73 floors (1,018 ft) 
Louisville, KY: AEGON Center, at 35 stories (549 ft) 
  Louisville: AEGON Tower, at 35 floors (549 ft) 
Lowell, MA: Fox Hall 18 floors 
Lyon, France: Tour de Crèdit Lyonnaise, 42 floors (541 ft) 
Madison WI: State Capitol, at 285.9 feet 
  Madison, WI: Capital Building, at 285.9 ft 
Manitowoc, Old Evergreen Inn 8 stories 
Melbourne (Australia):Eureka Towers, at 88 floors (297m or 974ft) 
  Melbourne, Australia: Eureka Tower, 78 floors (297.2 m)
  Melbourne, Australia: Eureka Tower, at 91 floors (297 metres) 
  Melbourne: Eureka Tower Apartment Complex, at 92 floors (984 ft) 
Memphis: 100 North Main building, at 37 floors 
Merced, CA: 6 floors 
Mesa, Arizona: Bank of America building, 16 stories 
Miami, FL: Four Seasons Hotel & Tower, 64 floors, (789 ft) 
  Miami: Four Seasons Hotel & Tower, at 64 floors (789 ft) 
Milwaukee, WI: US Bank Center, at 42 floors (601 ft)
  Milwaukee: US Bank Building, 45 floors (601 feet) 
  Milwaukee: US Bank Building, at 42 floors (601 ft) 
Minneapolis, IDS Center, at 57 floors (792 ft) 
  Minneapolis: 225 South Sixth, at 56 floors (776 ft) 
  Minneapolis: IDS Tower, 57 Floors (792 Feet including Washing Garage) 
  Minneapolis: IDS Tower, at 55 floors (792 ft) 
Mobile, Alabama: RSA Tower, at 35 floors (735 ft)
  Mobile, Alabama: RSA Tower, at 35 floors (735 ft)
  Mobile: RSA Battle House Tower, at 36 floors (745 ft) 
Montreal, Canada, 1000 de la Gauchetiere, at 51 floors 673 ft. (205 m.)
  Montreal: 1000 de La Gauchetière at 51 floors (673 feet) 
Morden Manitoba: 4 storeys
Mount Sterling, Kentucky. The light poles at the football field. 
Mount Vernon, IA: King Chapel at Cornell College (130 ft) 
Nagoya, Japan: JR Central Towers, at 53 floors (741 ft) 
Nashville, Batman Building (aka Bellsouth)
  Nashville, TN: BellSouth Building, 33 floors (617 ft)
  Nashville: Bellsouth Building at 33 floors (617ft)
  Nashville: BellSouth Building at 33 floors (617ft.) Tallest building in all of Tennessee! 
  Nelson, New Zealand: The Cathedral, height unpublished.
New Haven: Connecticut Financial Center, 26 floors (383 feet) 
New Holstein, Wisconsin - Schultz's Drug Store, at two stories, at 31 ft. 
New Orleans: One Shell Square, at 51 floors (697 ft)
New York City: Empire State Building, at 102 floors (1,250 feet; 1,454 with spire) 
  New York City: Empire State Building, at 102 floors (1,453 feet, 8 9/16 inches) 
  New York: Empire State Building, 102 floors, 1250 ft 
Newport, Wales: Chartist Tower, at 16 floors (53m or 174 ft) 
Norfolk, VA: Granby Tower, at 31 floors (450 ft) 
Norwalk, CT: 50 Washington Street, at 12 floors 
Nottingham (UK): Victoria Centre, at 2 floors? (256 ft)
  Nottingham(UK):Victoria Centre, 256ft
Oberlin: Firelands Appartments, 7 floors
Omaha, Nebraska: First National Building-634 ft (193 m) 
  Omaha: One First National Center, at 45 floors (634 ft) 
  Omaha: One First National Center, at 46 floors (633 ft) 
One Kansas City Place, at 42 floors (632 ft) 
Orange (CA): City Tower, 21 floors (269 ft) 
Orland, CA: Veterans Memorial Hall, 1 floor (90 feet) 
Orlando: Sun Trust Tower, at 31 floors (441 feet) 
Ortonville, MN Big Stone County Courthouse, at 3 floors
Ottawa, Ontario : Place de Ville Tower C, 120m 
Ozark, MO: Our courthouse has three floors 
Paekakariki, NZ, a tie between a bunch of 3 story houses? 
Pahrump: Nugget Hotel Casino, at 3 floors (35 ft) 
Parakou, Benin: Azar Jean Building, at 3 floors (~45 ft)
Paris, France: Eiffel Tower. 985 feet, 3 stories.
Pecos, New Mexico: the Catholic church. ABout 50 feet.
Pella, Iowa: The Opera House, at 3 stories. 
Pensacola: Bank of Pensacola 28 Floors 
Perth (Western Australia): Central Park, at 52 floors (817 ft, 249m) 
  Perth: Central Park, at 52 floors (817 ft) 
Philadelphia: One Liberty Place, at 61 floors (945 ft) 
Phoenix, AZ: Chase Building, at 40 floors (486 ft) 
  Phoenix: Chase Tower, at 40 floors(483 ft) 
Pierre, SD: Federal Building, at 5 floors (yes, it's sad!)
Pittsburgh, USX Tower (US Steel building) 88 floors
  Pittsburgh: U.S. Steel Building, at 64 floors (841 ft.) 
Pontiac MI: Chase Bank Building, at 16 floors 
Portland Oregon: Wells Fargo Center, 41 floors, 546 ft 
Portland, Maine: Franklin Towers, at 17 stories. 
  Portland, OR: US Bancorp Tower (aka "Big Pink"), at 42 floors (536 ft);
  Portland, OR: Wells Fargo Center, at 41 floors (546 ft) 
  Portland, OR: Wells Fargo Tower, at 40 floors (544 ft) 
  Portland: Wells Fargo Center, at 41 floors (546 ft)
  Portland's (OR) tallest is the Wells Fargo Center, at 41 floors (546 ft) 
Presque Isle, ME : Key Bank, at 4 floors (about 50 ft) 
Providence, RI: Bank of America building, at 26 floors (428ft)(130m) 
  Providence: Bank of America Tower, at 26 floors (428 ft) 
  Providence: Industrial Trust Building (now Bank of America), 26 floors, 428 feet 
  Queens, New York: Citibank Building at 50 floors (658 ft)
Quincy, IL: WCU Building, at 11 floors 
Raleigh, NC: BB&T Building, at 29 floors (448 ft) 
  Raleigh: C.Johnson HQ, at 207 floors (822 ft)
Redding: County Jail, at 5 floors 
Reno, NV: Silver Legacy Resort Casino, 38 floors (410 ft) 
Rexburg, LDS Temple, 168ft at the top of the spire. 
Richland, WA: Federal building, at 7 floors 
Richmond, James Monroe state office building, 25 stories tall (460 feet) 
  Richmond, VA: James Monroe State Office Building, at 25 stories (460 feet) 
Ridgecrest, CA: Michelsen Lab (Navail Air Weapons Station China Lake), at 5 floors 
Ridgway, Colorado: Texaco Gas Station/Hot Stuff Pizza outlet, at 3/4 floors (7.2ft)
Roanoke: Wachovia Building, at 24 stories (368 ft)
Rochester, NY: Xerox Tower, at 30 stories (443 feet) 
Rolla, MO: TJ South Tower, at 11 floors. 
Sacramento Wells Fargo Center, at 30 floors (423 ft).
Salt Lake City: Wells Fargo Center, at 26 floors (422 feet)
  Salt Lake City: LDS Church Office Building, 28 floors (420 ft) 
 San Diego: One America Plaza (152 m) & Symphony Towers (152 m)

San Diego: Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel, at 40 floors (497 ft) 
  San Francisco, CA: Bank of America Building 
  San Francisco: Transamerica Corporate Headquarters. at 48 stories (853 feet)
San Francisco: Transamerica Pyramid, at 48 stories (853 feet) 
Sandy, OR: The Sandy Public Library
Sanford, ME, Textile Mill at about 75 feet. 
Santa Barbara: Storke Tower (on UCSB campus) at 175ft. 
Santa Fe Sears Arena 10 floors 155 ft 
Santiago, Chile: Costanera Center , 257 mts 
Saratoga Springs: Jonsonn Tower, Skidmore College Campus, at 11 floors. 
Schoharie, NY: County Office Building, at 4 floors 
Scottsdale, AZ: One Waterfront Place and Two Waterfront Place, at 13 floors (160.8 ft) 
Seattle: Columbia Center, at 76 floors (937 ft). 
  Seattle: Bank of America Tower (285m/937f, 76 stories)
  Seattle: Columbia Center, at 76 floors (937 ft, 285 m) 
  Seattle: The Columbia Center, at 76 floors (967 ft) 
  Seattle: The Dairygold Chocolate Milk Building, at 117 floors, 1911 feet 3 inches. 
Sheffield (UK): Arts Tower (University of Sheffield), at 30 floors (255 ft). 
Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Quest Tower, 11 stories.
  Smurf Village: Handy Smurfs Pad, at 9 apples high 
Soddy-Daisy, TN: New Salem Corner Grocery, at 2 floors (25 ft) 
South Bend: City Center building/Holiday Inn, at 25 floors (356 ft?)
Spartanburg, SC: Advantica Building at 17 floors 
springfield, MO: Hammonds Tower, at 40 floors 
St Louis: Metropolitan Square, 591 feet, 42 stories. 
St. Charles, Illinois: the hotel tower at the Pheasant Run resort, 16 floors
St. Louis. Metropolitan Square, 600 feet, 42 stories. 
  St. Louis: Metropolitan Square, at 42 floors (593 ft) 
  St. Louis: The Gateway Arch(630ft) By law, no building can be taller. 
St. Paul: 1st National Bank Building, at 32 floors (485 ft)
Stamford, CT: One Landmark Square, at 23 floors 
Stillwater Oklahoma: Wilham South Dormatory, 14 floors. 
Stockholm: Kaknästornet, its a TV-tower/restaurant its 155m(508 ft) 
Stony Brook, NY: SB University Hospital- 19 floors 
Tacoma : Wells fargo tower.. Not sure ~ 350ft 
Taipei, Taiwan: Taipei 101, at 101 stories (1,671 ft) 
  Taipei: Taipei 101, at 101 floors (1,667 ft)
Tallahassee, FL: Capitol Building, at 22 floors (375 ft) 
Tampa, FL: AmSouth Building (42 floors, 579 feet) 
  Tampa, Florida: AmSouth Building, at 42 floors (579 ft) 
Tampere, Finland: Näsinneula (551 ft) 
Tempe, Arizona: Hayden Ferry Lakeside, 12 stories 
University of Texas: The Tower of Main Building, at 27 floors (307 ft) 
Tilburg - Netherlands: Westpoint, 141,6 meters
Toledo: One SeaGate, 411 feet
Toronto, Ontario, Canada: First Canadian Place, at 72 floors (298.1m) 
Toronto, Ontario: CN Tower 1815 ft 
  Toronto: CN Tower, 1815.39 ft (553.33m)
Tucson, AZ:UniSource Energy Tower, at 25 floors (330 ft) 
Tucson: UniSource Energy Tower, at 23 floors (330 ft)
Tulsa: Bank of Oklahoma Tower, at 52 floors (667 ft), looks exactly like World Trade Center
Tulsa: City of Faith tower, at 60 floors 
Vancouver, BC: One Wall Centre, 48 storeys (150 m or 492 ft) 
 Vancouver: Sheraton One Wall Center, at 48 floors (492 feet) 
Virginia Beach, VA: Town Center Westin Hotel, at 37 floors (508 ft) 
waco texas: ALICO Building at twenty floors 
Warren, AR: Bradley County Courthouse, at 3 Floors, 35 ft 
Warren, PA: PennBank Building, at 9 floors (~100 ft) 
Washington DC. The Washington Monument 555 Ft, 3 floors,(1 bottom, 2 top)
  Washington, DC: The US Capitol, at 288 ft (288 ft)
  Washington, DC: Washington Monument, 555 ft 5 in (169.294 m) 
  Washington: Washington Monument, at 0 floors (555 ft) 
  Waskom, Texas. The Dairy Queen ice cream cone sign on top of the buidling. 
Wausau WI: First Wausau Tower, at 11 floors (250 ft) 
Wellington, New Zealand: Majestic Centre, at 29 floors (116 meters).
Wenatchee: 9 floors
West Bend: Amity Tower, at 7 floors 
West Lafayette: Purdue University Bell Tower (160 ft) 
Whitfield, Nova Scotia: Giant Phone Booth monument, at 40 feet 
Wichita, KS: Epic Center, at 23 floors (325 ft). 
  Wichita: Epic Center, 28 floors (325 ft) 
  Wilmington, Delaware: The Rockford water tower 
Winnipeg: CanWest Global Tower, at 34 floors (450 ft) 
  Winnipeg: CanWest Global Place, 32 stories (420 ft).
  Winnipeg: CanWest Global Place, at 33 floors (420 ft) 
Winston-Salem, NC: Wachovia Center, at 34 stories (460 feet) 
Yokosuka, Japan: Yokosuka Prince Hotel, at 20 floors 
York Maine, I think we've got an office suite that is 4 stories tall.

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