The Price of Dating Services

by D. Olsen 

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And exposure's price is significant with some dating services. After a 10-minute phone conversation, the consultant at Table for Six Adventures was willing to give me the bottom line. $3,000.00 a year. Mouth agape, I continued to listen. And what I learned is that this dating service offers much more than the typical online experience.

 As one may guess, Table for Six brings together six people for dinner, all of whom have common interests and desires. $3,000.00 guarantees a person as many Table for Six experiences that are available to fit one's dating criteria. This price also includes twelve one-on-one dates and 15-20 adventures, which are group events such as rock climbing, hiking, skeet shooting, etc. And if all the activities aren't enough to entice you, 80% of Table for Six Adventures' clients are in a relationship after just four months.


Dating Services

1 Year

Membership Benefits

It's Just Lunch

"Dating for busy professionals"


  • 14 dates minimum, guaranteed
  • Ability to "freeze" membership at any time

Table for Six Total Adventures

"The dating experts for busy single professionals."


  • 12 dates minimum, guaranteed
  • As many Table for Six dinners as available
  • Between 14 and 20 Total Adventures
  • Ability to "freeze" membership at any time
The above information was acquired from offices located in Sacramento, California. Prices may vary.


However, if your pocket book is not so padded, another option is It's Just Lunch (IJL), which encapsulates its purpose with the slogan, "Dating for busy professionals." Not surprisingly, time is money, and many will pay to have the vast selection of potentials whittled down to those few who might actually 'click.'

After speaking with a member consultant for IJL, I learned that $1,500.00 for the year will guarantee you 14 dates, arranged at a local restaurant, completely confidentially. Only first names are shared and the restaurants are partners with IJL, so there are no awkward moments in the restaurant waiting area. "Uh Joe? Joe with It's Just Lunch? Please go to the hostess podium. Your date is here."

Both of these services involve an extensive initial interview as well as ongoing interviews to further explore if the dates selected are meeting one's criteria and to make adjustments as needed. Additionally, both offer the option to freeze a membership should a client find a special someone to date exclusively for a while without wanting to forfeit money and/or experiences. Finally, both have payment plan options and take credit cards.

Like most purchases, the amount one is willing to pay often determines the quality. According to Singles Scene, an IJL publication, "Nearly 95% [of clients] have college degrees, 50% have a graduate degree; and many are lawyers, doctors, bankers and business executives."

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