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Comparing LED light bulbs with Regular Bulbs and CFLs - Page 3

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Break Tests
LED bulbs aren't made of glass, they don't hold gas in a vacuum, they don't have a razor-thin filament. They are sturdy.

These drop tests are ridiculous. Of course the LED bulb is going to win these tests. I should be testing glass bulbs against fresh chicken eggs. Traditional bulbs and CFLs are super fragile. LED bulbs are solid. They are like a calculator, or a keyboard.

However... we still tested them.

Living Room
Simulating a lamp falling over in a carpeted living room, we dropped each of three lightbulbs in a carpeted living room. We used a "Lunta" lamp from IKEA. The lampshade is sturdily fixed on this lamp, and would not allow for any bulb-to-floor contact.


Drop results:
Living Room with carpet
1. The incandescent bulb shattered on impact.
2. The compact fluorescent bulb remained intact and continued working. We actually conducted this test twice and neither broke.
3. The LED bulb remained intact and continued working

We conducted a similar test in the kitchen, with a linoleum floor.

Kitchen Results
1. The incandescent bulb remained intact and continued working.
2. The compact fluorescent bulb shattered, but continued working, because the inner spiral bulb remained intact. Not all fluorecent bulbs have two layers of glass.
3. The LED bulb remained intact and continued working.

Lightbulb Test Summary
LEDs are better than CFLs, but they are more expensive. Are they worth the higher price? Yes, the electricity savings will eventually overtake the lower purchase price of any other bulb.

Also, LEDs are more durable, which means that they will last longer, requiring less frequent replacement. LED bulbs are also less susceptible to breaking. I don't have a preference as to the appearance of the light. The LED is not diffuse, but it could be diffused with the appropriate lamp shade. As is it is perfect for highlighting objects and enhancing the appearance of reflctive items such as a disco ball.

If an incandescent bulb is equivalent to a Ford Bronco, and a CFL bulb is equivalent to a Toyota Prius, then an LED bulb is equivalent to a Tesla Roadster. Like the Tesla, the LED is cutting edge technology, is highly efficient, has a higher price tag and is more attractive. A terrific upgrade, but not appropriate for every garage.

Thanks VOID LED ( for sending the bulbs! It was a pleasure to test them, and I'll write an epilogue as soon as they burn out. Watch for an update in 2021.

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