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The Latest:

I finally visited Tom Sawyer's Island at Disneyland this summer. I added about 80 photos to 1,000 Pictures of Disneyland.

New! Treasure Hunt for Beer!

I added hundreds of photos and maps of the new Black Spire Outpost to update 1,000 Pictures of Disneyland.

I put some videos online in October.
3D Printed Skull, Sealing Money inside a 3D printed box
Tina loves Bobby, Ice Block v. Barbecue
How to Lower your Car's NOx Emissions and Pass Smog Check

Oh God, back for Galaxy's Edge. Top tips for visiting Disneyland 2019.

Updated! Check out the videos of cracking open these 3D printed easter eggs! 3D Printing Easter Eggs with Cash Inside!

Contest! Finding the Worst Person on Yelp

Updated! I printed some readers' 3D designs!

Making a Memory-foam cushion for the Flower Chair

I'll 3D print your design!

Treasure Hunt for 11 year old Kids

I sewed some plush cushions for Bus Stop Benches

Making a Periscope for a Bedroom Window

I made a quiz video challenging folks to determine which photos were taken in Disneyland and which were taken in California Adventure. Try your luck!

Disneyland Food Menu Signs

List of Electrical Outlets in Disneyland

Where to Charge your Phone in California Adventure

The Exhilarating Magic of Disneyland in the Rain

Updated! Making a Giant 20-sided Die out of Cement

Making the Most of my 3D Printer

Setting up Another Treasure Hunt for Kids

Electric Power Use of a CR-10 3D Printer

I Made a Mini Target Ball!

I let a homeless person sleep on my couch

Spoiler Alert! She doesn't kill me or steal anything.

The U.S. Military is for Rich People

How Much Filament is left on the Spool? A Resource for 3D Printers.

I let a homeless person sleep on my couch

Spoiler Alert! She doesn't kill me or steal anything.

Oh, what? I got a job at a law firm.

Fidget Spinner Costume for Sacramento Comic Con!

I was excited for Sacramento Comic Con! It gave me a chance to make and wear a dramatically oversized costume, representing a wild schoolyard trend which will be forgotten by Halloween!

Finding a Beached Whale: Pt. Reyes, California

Stranger Things Lightbulb Message Maker

Gun Show Prank

Twelve Ways Convention Booths Grab Your Attention

Awhile Back:

Pokemon Go! Players are Discovering Sacramento Parks

Updated! Posting Enhanced Parking Signs in Sacramento

Posting Enhanced Parking Signs in Sacramento

New! A Backyard Treasure Hunt for Kids

New! Smoking Study Unable to Show Negative Effect on Skin

Added the FINAL -37- portraits to the Smoker's Age Chart, for a total of 378 portraits. Holy cow, so many pictures. I ended up with one or more representative for ages 0-80.

New! Let's Make Some Tiny Houses for Homeless in Sacramento

You Might be Shocked by the Prices of Prescription Drugs with Ads on Television

Just the eyes! Age Chart Eyes Only! It is my opinion that Kasha has the most attractive eyes of anyone on the chart.

Black Actors