Nobody Stops

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A lot of cars were nearly stopping, but not stopping. I couldn't measure their minimum velocity, so I established a few categories of slowness. Here they are, listed from fastest to slowest.

  1. Blow Through
  2. Slow Jam
  3. Slow a Tad, Observe and Proceed (Ian Campbell, 1988)
  4. Creep
  5. Wallow
  6. Slow-stop (Slop)
  7. Stop-ish
  8. Dead Stop

At the 15 minute mark, after 65 cars had traveled through the intersection, a second car stopped fully. I snapped a photo to record this occasion.


At the 18 minute mark, the video showed a third car stopping completely. This was the 76th car though the intersection. 

The fourth car that stopped.

The timer shows 5 minutes, 14 seconds through the fourth video chapter. Each video chapter was 6 minutes :52 seconds, so this was at 25:50 through the hour.


At the start of the sixth chapter, a black VW bug skipped his turn in the rotation, forcing this red car to stop fully. This was stopped car #5. 

Sorry if this car-by-car stopped-car review is boring. Don't worry, there aren't many more.


This intersection almost never had more than one car arriving at a time. Because there weren't two or three cars trying to cross at the same time, drivers didn't need to stop to avoid a collision.




Around the 44 minute mark (chapter 7: 2:30), a car stopped at the stop sign to let this pedestrian cross. The pedestrian waved her appreciation.

After 53 minutes, another car stopped fully. A P.T. Cruiser rushed to get through the intersection ahead of the dark Scion B. The Scion was then further tread upon by a silver Honda, who ignored the rotation for his selfish right-hand roll-through the stop.

The hour was almost finished.

please continue reading page four, the conclusion of Nobody Stops.

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May 21st, 2006 

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