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Fourth, I'd like to tell you about Cloudmark's anti-spam software.

Oh my God. Before Cloudmark anti-spam software, I got a hell of a lot of junk email...tons, like 700-900 per day. I set up some filters in Outlook, and got really, really good at recognizing and deleting them en masse. I had always spent hours on email, but the increasing percentage of crap was wearing me down. My email time investment had deteriorated from "opening and answering emails" to "deleting and sorting emails".

For years, I put off buying my way out of this situation. It just never seemed like a necessary purchase. 

With the birth of my daughter June, I have had a bit less free time, and I began to re-evaluate where I was wasting my time. I gave up flossing, I shredded my library card, and I quit training for the Biathalon. I cancelled my Starz Sequilz Superpak, and I wired a snooze button onto my Xbox.

Also, I did some consumer sleuthing and bought into a year of service from Cloudmark Desktop, a spam blocker. I think it was $30. Cloudmark works by sorting and comparing your email with the mail of thousands of other subscribers. If a couple of the Cloudmarkers flag an incoming email as "spam", it gets cleared out of the box for every other Cloudmarker. 


Oh, man. What a difference! My Life, Was, Free, Again!

I'd come home, turn on my computer, and watch 500 new emails pour into my inbox. Then, Cloudmark would take over. The emails would disappear as fast as they had arrived. Shup, shup, shup, shup, shup. They would all be swept away, plopped into my spam folder. A few precious real emails would be left behind for me, written by real people, addressed to only me. They were the diamonds, the pearls, the needles.






Cloudmark saves me time. A LOT of time. I estimate, in the first week I had it, Cloudmark spared me from more than 4 hours of spam sorting. I know, in retrospect, it seems completely absurd that I hadn't already been using it. I had been spending 40 minutes/day minutes culling spam myself, but now cloudmark does the same thing, for about 8 cents/day. If your are spending more than 4 minutes per day deleting email, I suggest buying and installing Cloudmark. For me, it was a life-saver.


So, that is about it for the Awesome Products review. There are plenty of products that I do not love, such as Draino, Herbalife, Vacation timeshares, Sunny Delight, Fix-a-Flat, and Direct Merchants Bank Account Protection Plus, but I wouldn't want to be known as someone who only has nasty things to write about.

There are plenty of products that I enjoy, and four that I absolutely love. I love digital cameras, Sonicare toothbrushes, the DVR and Cloudmark Spam Eliminator.

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page digital cameras | the sonicare toothbrush | the DVR | Cloudmark

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May 27th, 2006 

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