Cleaning up at my Adopted Fence

I'm going to do my best to keep this fence from descending into a cesspool

You may remember that I whitewashed a fence full of graffiti in August. I bragged about it here: Painting over Graffiti

Paint on Cheeks

I anticipated that my pristine canvas would be be molested again soon, so I kept an eye out, waiting for the grafitti to return.

I promised myself that I would paint over new grafitti quickly, as it has a tendency to spread if left unchecked.

Clothes Dumped

In late September, something happened, but it wasn't what I expected.

It got clothed. Someone dumped boxes and boxes of dirty old clothes onto the lawn outside of the fence. What a mess.

My first idea was that I could donate the clothes to a charity shop, but they were beyond reuse. They were rags. I was determined to clean up this mess, but it would have filled my trash can ten times. I needed a dumpster.

Trash Bags at Curbside

After a few days, I returned with some plastic bags and rubber gloves. I packed everything up into garbage bags and threw half of them into my trunk. Then I drove around the neighborhood looking for an open dumpster.

I wasn't comfortable saddling a business owner with this crap, but I figured two bags per dumpster wouldn't make a difference. I spread it out among three local dumpsters and went back for another load.

Trash Container

For the second load, I found a legitimate home. A huge garbage skid sat less than a block away. It was mostly full.

I tracked down the owner and asked for permission to squeeze in seven garbage bags. Permission granted!

Clean Fence

And that was it! The fence looked...well, it still looked pretty beat up, but at least there wasn't a mountain of dirty clothes there any more.


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