New York & D.C. Travelogue April 2002
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Saturday, April 6th, 2002

On Saturday morning, Crystal, Keke and I walked though Williamsburg & dined at a hip, faux diner-car diner named "Diner". I got poached eggs and grits. This part of Brooklyn has risen to hipness and is populated by a very attractive young crowd of artists. The cityscape is crap, but the culture is strong.

Keke gave me a tour through the burrough and park. It was a beautiful day out, but she was hearing the call of the sewing machine & I was being drawn inside by my new internet connection.

The earthlink worked & I continued poring over email. I get my share of email, but the Herbalife story was shocking me with the volume and intensity of reaction. It really gave me the sense that something was happening.

The day flew by & we ordered some thai food for delivery. We ate & assembled plans for the evening: An friendly neighborhood art opening at this place called "the Cave", and continued to the Pool bar, an old pool-supply store converted to a bar. It was a fun place & as an added bonus I ran into Elise's old roomate Marissa. What great luck!

Walking to breakfast in Williamsburg

Street level of the BQE from Brooklyn

Sidewalk yarn blowout sale

Giant Lase Filth poster

Dirt pile in Brooklyn park

Massive graffiti on pool arch

Keke at work on wedding dress

Art opening at the Cave

Sunday April 7th, 2002

On Sunday I arranged to meet my old sysadmin friend Terry in New York City. We walked around, chatting about his job at Associated Press, my story on Herbalife and other internet-related subject matter. We got lunch at a place called the Bait Shop & spent some time street-shopping for a wristwatch. I hit paydirt, a US$10 black watch to replace the one I left in the Joliet Microtel.

Terry also pointed out the mysterious tanks of Liquid Nitrogen scattered thorought the city. He confessed he had no idea what they were for, but pointed out a tube leading out of one tank, snaking into a nearby manhole. Curious.

He showed me his office in Rockafeller Plaza after multiple warnings about how boring it was going to be.
It wasn't like backstage at disneyland or anything, but I thought it was cool to be right in the center of one of that vast information nexus.

As it got dark, the weather turned ultra-cold, so I headed home to Brooklyn & met back up with Keke and Crystal.

We got pizza by-the-slice & rented a haunting, yet cute movie called "Donny Darko".

Posing downtown with NYC's finest

34th and 6th Ave intersection

Radio City Hall

Ice rink at Rockafeller Plaza

Terry working hard on Sunday afternoon

New York Public Library steps

I didn't fall for these disguises for a second

This was no accident

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