Discovering new Velcro Closures with the Eyeclops: Super Magnifying Camera

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I also examined some actual Velcro.

Here is a small patch from an infant bib.

A closer look at the hook side. These hooks are much larger!

The view with the eyeclops. I could only get one hook on the screen at a time.

The eyeclops reveals where the loop was cut, obviously by something hot, or perhaps by the machete-wielding Yoshi.

Another picture.

Tracy Anderson is the undisputed king of Velcro Photography: Velcro Being Pulled Apart.

A drawing to help illustrate the structure. This stuff was invented by Swiss engineer George de Mestral in 1945.

It looks terribly complicated compared to the Microplast. I guess that makes it even more impressive.

To the right is yet another kind of hook and loop fastener, again on a baby bib.

A closer look with a regular camera.

And with the Eyeclops, an ocean of waves!


These are very small waves, and I think they look pretty durable. The actually remind me of the moving wave boards that are sometimes used to portray a boat on the water in theater productions.

I believe this fastener is called "Powerhook", and is manufactured by YKK, the Japanese zipper kings.

Some brilliant injection-molder was obviously influenced by Hokusai's design.

Each of these fasteners have their unique appeal. I think I prefer the little mushrooms, but I guess it really comes down to which one can grab the most thread..and hold it.

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March 4, 2008.

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