Eyeclops Images: Reader Submissions

Just a couple of readers took me up on the offer to snap an image of their items at 200x magnification.

John Saliga sent feathers from a Senegal Parrot, orange, green and white.

Here is a close look at the structure of the orange area. The branches of the feather zip together.


Here is a photo of the stiff grey area of the feather.

And here is a shot of the white fluffy part of the feather.

David Kovacik sent a playing card, with a request for a picture of the ink of his autograph and the "air cushion" texture of the card, which keeps the cards from sticking to each other.

The white arrow is pointing to a small white star.


The air cushion was a matrix of rectangular depressions across the surface of the card. This isn't a very good photo of them.

Here is a picture of the ink from his signature. It looks like there are gold flakes in the ink.

What kind of ink was that David?

Here is a shot of the mermaid porn from the back of the card.

David sent a condom.

Here is a photo. The surface has a bunch of evenly distributed microdots of lubricant.

I should have tried to capture the cross-section of the rubber, to see what "ultra thin" really means.

Here is a seed. Try to guess what type of seed this is.








Here is a matchstick head, where the white phosphorus bulb begins.

Here are some tiny flakes of fish food from the bottom of the fish food container, unmagnified.

Here they are at 200x magnification. It looked just like the results from a pointillize filter in Photoshop!

A dragonfly wing. The thick upright is the edge of the wing.

Another shot of the dragonfly wing. It looked like a perfect little stained glass window. Incredible!

Send items, and I'll use the Eyeclops to look VERY closely at them, and I'll post a photo here, on Cockeyed.com.

Detailed things:
Rob Cockerham
P.O. Box 161574
Sacramento, CA 95816

I won't return anything I get, so please don't send your ivory wedding ring or dodo skull.

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February 27, 2008.
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