Discovering new Velcro Closures with the Eyeclops: Super Magnifying Camera

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Back in the 1980s, disposible diapers were held in place with two strips of sticky adhesive tape.

In 2008, diapers use velcro. Except that it isn't really velcro.

It is better.

The diapers have two small patches of this tape, each has an area of less than one square inch. To the naked eye, the patch looks like a bit of shiny sandpaper.

The structure of this "hook and loop" fastening tape is very small.


This was the closest shot I could get with a regular camera, but to get a really close look, I whipped out the Eyeclops, bionic eye magnifier.

It was..simple.

This new velcro hook looked like a crop of plastic mushrooms.

Tiny mushrooms, which appear to have been extruded rods out of a flat sheet, squashed by a hot roller, or microscopic Mario brother.


And here are a couple of photos of the "loop" side of the fastener. This is made of strands of very fine nylon threads stretched between wide rows of chain stitch.

Unlike regular velcro, this loop half of the fastener does not feel fuzzy. It feels flat and soft, like the surface of a cardboard box.

This product is apparently called "Microplast", and was developed by a company called Binder.



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March 4, 2008.
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