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Hey Rob:

Happy Thanksgiving. I used to live in Sac, but now I live in Fairfield.

I actually have a couple hundred progress photos, but I went through and selected 54 of them to share. It'd probably take me a while to explain everything like you did, but I'm sure I'll get around to it at some point. A lot of the time I put into the costume was trial and error. I'd build something and it'd look cool, but then when I tried on the costume, it wasn't right. For example, I had to build the "arm" for the plasma canon three times:

1. Too tall and too far back

2. So I lowered it and moved it forward by creating a new arm, but that one was too close to the midline of my body, which made the cannon point right at my head

3. So I re-did it again, this time just moving it out to the left a few inches, installing it on a swivel I pirated from an office lamp, and installing the LED

The same types of things happened with the skull and dreads (had to redo it a couple times... the first time, the dreads didn't flare out enough, I used a hard hat as a base (uncomfortable), and the skull was painted black) but the second time I used a bike helmet (way better than a hard hat), repositioned the dreads at a better angle, and painted the skull to match the skin and the lasers got messed up at one point too (one shorted out so I had to start over)

Long story short, this was my first time building a costume like this, so it was a long, involved process. I had to learn a lot about building it online. My wife hated me for using the garage and kitchen as my workshop for weeks on end!





Wow. That arm is my favorite part. The detail was crazy.
I'll post these on Sunday. I hope I don't look like a complete idiot for my earlier comments about your costume. ;)



No worries... ultimately, most people I know who read it objectively thought it was more of a compliment than anything. After all, if it looked like it came out of a box, it's probably because it looked professionally-done, which is what I was hoping to achieve anyway. No hard feelings.



Greg also sent a photo from the Chris Ives Experience

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