2007 Cockeyed.com Halloween Costume Contest

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Hey Rob,
I have been coming to the site for a couple of years and I just love it!




I thought I would share my Halloween costume with you. My sister and I both went as Bags of Safeway groceries. About a month before Halloween we started keeping all our food boxes. We took industrial cardboard rolls and had them cut to fit the length of our shoulders. We then made cardboard shoulder pads and spay painted the whole piece black. We attached the empty boxed and bags to the shoulder pads. We took white fabric and attached it to the shoulders with Velcro. Although our peripheral vision was poor we managed to fight the crowds and ended up taking 1st place in the costume contest. We had such a great time.

Kristen C. Heyd, Canada

-Nils Nordstrand


Worked up the courage to send you some pictures of my first ambitious costume -- a giant "Boxing Nun" made of parts recycled from a large puppet I created for a school play last year. The costume was too clumsy for my 14-year-old son, so I ended up wearing it around school.

There are some more pictures at


and the article below it. Hope you find it inspirational!

:P. Campbell, UCSB 79-84




Hey Rob! I've been reading your site for several years now, and your work has definitely inspired me. (I found a perfect blank sign on the local UCSD campus to prank...now, to wait for the appropriate celebration...)

This year, I once again decided to continue with my chain of terrible puns/geek humor for Halloween. A little electrical/packing tape, a peace symbol, and a pair of hippy glasses...voila. A peaceful resistor.

Keep up the amazing bloody creations!!!



Hey Rob! –
Just thought you’d like our costume idea for this year! It went over great at the parties!! p.s. love your site

for all the pics, go to: http://good-times.webshots.com/album/561275067kDeAoI

Paul A. Tomkiewicz
Systems Engineering

Hey Rob!

Love your creations and your site. Been tracking it off and on since, gosh, a long time. Congrats on the kid! Life will never be the same.

We were encouraged to do costumes at work this year and with a new pair of black glasses and my goatee my first thought was Gordon Freeman. Papier Mache would have been perfect for the armor and a bloody crowbar would be easy. Alas I had no time... maybe next year. How Rorschach came to mind I have no idea, and I'm nervously looking forward to the 2009 release of Watchmen hoping they don't massacre it.

I picked up a pair of opaque white knee-highs from Nordstroms and the green overcoat was the last one I could find at the local St. Vincent DePaul shop. The hat I already had. All the better to enjoy the Seattle weather. I tried on the stocking and found one wasn't opaque enough. Remarkably I could still see out of a double layer, kind of, as long as there weren't any bright lights. I grabbed the most sinister looking ink blot I could find. Stretching one of the tights over a bike helmet I traced the image on and inked it in with black sharpie.

Halloween comes along and I find out we're actually having a contest! Awesome! Don't know how I would've fared in the real world, but mine was the only really scary costume, so I won a six pack of Dead Guy Ale for scariest costume!

Thanks, Rob, for all your inspiration over the years. Keep up the good work. And try to get some sleep. And make sure Stacy gets some sleep too!




Here is my Xykon costume (http://www.giantitp.com/comics/). Skull made of
foam-core, papier maché and newspaper, acrylic, by my girlfriend. I sew the
robe and cloak (yes it's corduroy). Crown is paper on a paper clip Floating
Skill Suspension System.

Here are the Halloween Costume Stats:

Visibility: "acceptable"
Warmth: "toasty"
Solid Food Handling: "atrocious"
Beer Handling: "straw"
Dancefloor Worthiness: "badass"


Hello Rob, I know it is late but I thought you might get a hoot out of these costumes that I made for halloween.


Arthur Hash
Collateral Faculty
Sculpture and Extended Media
Painting and Printmaking
Virginia Commonwealth University

Hi Rob,

I like your page and your costumes. I was there when you won as Fandango a few years back. That was pretty cool. I was the Predator. I started working on it prior to last Halloween and spent over 120 hours on it. I built and painted almost the entire thing from scratch, including the foam for the skull and dreads, the dread rings, the animatronic gauntlet, the plasma canon with the blue LED inside, most of the armor, and even installed the lasers myself with a custom-built pressure switch that I activated with my mouth. Note, not crappy laser pointers... industrial lasers I ran through a custom-made voltage regulating circuit mounted inside the helmet.

As someone with far more costume building experience than me, I'm sure you can appreciate the patience and creativity that goes into building an award-winning costume. I'm curious as to why you write that it looked like it came out of a box. Glad you had a good time.


Hey! Wow. I'm glad you wrote!
Well, I definitely feel like a heel. It was a great costume. It didn't look the slightest bit homemade. The dreads looked plastic and flawless, including the decorative rings. I just didn't think that a normal person could build something like that without a vacuum form press and a lot of other professional equipment.

Also, I'm jealous! :) I'm bitter that I didn't win anything for what I thought was a hilarious, original costume. (I'm always big on concept, not that big on craftsmanship).

I'll print an update/retraction/apology. It sounds like I was simply out-costumed. Did you take any mid-construction photos you would like to share with Cockeyed.com readers? Are you from Sacramento? How did you learn to build costumes?


Read more and see more pictures of Greg's Predator costume on page 7.

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