Another Backyard Treasure Hunt for Kids!

A great gift makes for a great backyard treasure hunt

After tremendous success setting up treasure hunts for my kids this summer, I had one more idea up my sleeve.

I tried it out last week.

Hammock Clue

On previous hunts, my kids had followed a series of clues to a hidden treasure. This time I took the final clue "Hammock" and cut it into individual letters. They'd need to find all seven letters and descramble them to figure out that the treasure was under the hammock.

To aid the descrambling, I didn't cut the letters squarely. If they noticed that the letters had an angle to them, aligning the cuts would help them reassemble the final location clue.

Two Lists of Clues

In hopes of dividing the tasks evenly between the two of them, I made two lists for the clue locations. I figured they'd each pick up some easy clues and then help each other on the tough ones.

Chalk Box

Here's the H at the bottom of the chalk box.

Clue Under Fort

Here's one of the Ms under the fort.

Cut Door

Here's an O on the door to Kaela's yard.


Another M in the fort.

Soccer Ball Clue

You get the idea.

Under Fort

I started the hunt on Tuesday after school, hiding the first clue envelope where a kid was sure to notice it.

Hammock Clue

The re-assembled letters led the kids here, to the treasure envelope under the hammock.

Ticket Treasure

The treasure was really good this time! Tickets to Disneyland!

Having already expended their maximum level of excitement on the Lego Star Wars game in the previous treasure hunt, they treated this one with a sedate celebration. My daughter was even worried about missing a Friday event day at school!

Planning Trip

The treasure hunt was a success! They found all the letters and were able to descramble the final clue with just a bit of effort.

All that remained was to plan the trip with our handy 1/100th scale model of Disneyland!

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