How did you accumulate all that credit card debt?

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It took about a year to pay off, but I owed about $6000 after two years of grad school. Some of it was just school supplies (computer stuffs, printing, books) and living (food, toiletries, etc). I'd say the majority was a 3 month internship in San Francisco. It was a paid internship, but it cost more to stay than I was making (so a picked a GREAT sublet on Hyde St) and since I was out on the West Coast I took a few side trips (Las Vegas, LA, Northern California). Debt sucks, but it was the best summer I've had.
Don't have any debt :-)
I got married. Personnaly, my debt is zero; however, the "half of what you own, I own" thing meant I own half the wifee's debt :(
So far I have been a fairly responsible college student, with no debt! But I do have a bad habit of forgetting to pay them.
$1500 US credit card debt, 500~600 car repair 200~ Glasses MIsceleania I cannot remember, mainly GAS! & just poor pay-off habit's & now I try to pay $200/month & cannot get ahead!
Honeymoon, two years ago. We're at about $1,500 total on our cards. We keep paying it off, but keep using the card for plane tickets and such.
$5k pretty much on furniture, so I guess it isn't as bad...
$10,500 acquired through the time I was in grad school, but I'm taking out student loans to pay them off next year.
In college, same old sad story. Oh- and also a little bit of abdominal surgery (which totally sucked). There's nothing like getting two feet of intestines removed from your body and getting a $3,000 bill. woo hoo! With credit card debt and hospital debt, I'm in the hole about $5,000. We won't even talk about school tuition. Yikes....
Pay it off every month...sucka!
My cocaine addiction. I accumulated almost 50,000 dollars in debt
I ran a website that was puletastic. Then I put google ads all over the front page. Now I'm debt free! Pule!
Like $1500 moving.
no debt !
New road bike! $1000
I don't have any, thanks to the lottery! (The kentucky state lotto proceeds fund the college scholarship I get, among others.)
I have no debit as I have no credit card.
I'd like to see some kind of Privacy Policy before I actually answer your question.
Credit card debt? What's that?
My wife took over paying the bills. I used to pay the card off each month, but she decided to save money in the bank instead of paying the bill.


College, Drinking, Car Repairs, Casino Trips. $23,000 Tim (NY)
Moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta. $5,000
I'm a compulsive shopper and impulse buyer. I can't even begin to list the things I've bought on credit. Mostly Things I didn't need. I have it down to around $5,000 now though.
None, 100% paid off monthly, College paid for by work, they also kindly pay for beer.
This year alone, my wife and I have had to pay over $8,000 in medical bills due to a thyroid surgery for her, a trip to the emergency room for my kidney stones, and then six veneers for her teeth!
I acquired it the old fashioned way....I married someone with it. We had the "it's time to stop using the cards" discussion prior to getting married, and I'm pleased to say that we no longer have a balance. At the peak, it was a little bit under $17,000. It was racked up by three visits to the vet, some furniture, and of course six years of those day to day things you can't live without...
$0, and it will stay that way.
I got into credit card debt when I was in Bangladesh. Whores and opium.
I wracked up a debt of 34,212.54 Taka. Luckily for me this equates to only $500 US dollars.
Man, those were good times.
its must be getting pretty bad when we all assume everyone has credit card debit....most do but I have none
Buying an engagement ring that I ended up not needing. Originally $3000, now $400. Still have the ring.
Car Loan. No Credit Cards!
triplets - $30,000. We refinanced our house so now it's $0
Not my tale of credit card debt, but a friend of mine's... By the time we were Juniors in High School, she had $2,000 in credit card debt. Why? Tanning and make-up. The girl was constantly unnaturally orange in color and had about an inch of make-up on her face. This is why I always paid with cash for things in High School... a good lesson for everyone.
i dont have none, too young lol
I just bought a piano. Maxed the thing out in one fell swoop. :D
$2000, going on a vacation in a few weeks ^.^ but we make regular payments...
Oh, I don't have any, thank you very much. I never wanted to get one, either, but you have to have, like, two in able to qualify for a mortgage. So, looks like I'll have to at some point. --Andrew Albion, NY
$12,000. Three years at a private university. Husband and father all three years. The best job I could find paid less than $9 an hour, and my wife stayed home with the kiddies. Needless to say, the credit card debt is only a small chunk of my total debt.
Bought a house, and put some of the down payment on the credit card to get enough to make 10% down instead of 5%. Credit card debt currently at about $3500.
Never did. Always pay them off. Thank you and have a nice day.
My parents tought me only to go into dept for schooling, a car, or a house. I'm pretty much kept to that and our only debt now is our house. Both cars and school are payed off. We always pay our credit card off in full when the bill arrives. The only downside is that this keeps your spending limits low and interest rates high, cause as far as the banks are concerned, you're not a good customer (or at least not good for their pockets).
Tried to start a business. :(
No debt. Owe some to my in-laws, but am overall to the good. Credit debt sucks. There's a reason usury used to be illegal and recognized as immoral. It's credit card companies that just hand out money left and right that ruin people. How can you expect people to be careful spending money they haven't earned? Bastards.
I racked up about $3,500 in college earning minimum wage and supporting my good-for-nothing hobo boyfriend. The bum! It's paid now.
Lots of trips to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Don't know how much. My parents never showed me the bills. They were just happy I wasn't in prison.
We no longer have credit card debt, but at its peak it was around $2000. The most expensive thing I bought was a PDA for $500. Everything else was entertainment.
none! what's wrong with people? i am interested in hearing the stories....
it's a scourge. what probably saved me was my parents being extremely in debt themselves. they're still in way over their heads.
no debt for me, I am scared to death of credit cards!
$700 CD's, Magazine subsriptions, and mail order chicken. --The Nuge--
furniture and computer stuff
A 56" TV, couches, clothes, and more things than a 22 year old college student could afford!!!
Music equipments. Synths, mixers, interfaces, samples, not cheap. At about $4000 now.
I didn't.
College, car insurance...etc I still owe 5K +
The only debt I owe is on my house. I never put more on my credit cards than I can afford to pay off immediately. Recommended for everyone!
I have no credit card debt, because I don't have a credit card. I don't spend money I can't touch.
However, I do have a loan from my father. I owe him $1415, which is going to go up to roughly $2800 in a week or so.
It's all from my motorcycle, two mechanics, insurance, and Ministry of Transportation crap.
I've never had a credit card and I refuse to get one.
have not had a crdit card for years,why pay someone to use my own money? if you want something save for it. but i have bad credit for not having credit, ha ha jokes on me. UBES
I currently owe about $4,500 but it has been as high as $15,000! Mostly this from eating out, vacations, and fun stuff. A little beer/liquor but no drugs, hookers, or gambling. -Josh
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