Animated Characters in Prescription Drug Advertising

Welcome to the roundup of prescription drugs which use CG animated characters in their advertising.

Based on the success of the Buzzbee, the Cheerios Bee, Schering-Plough decided to market Nasonex wth a computer-animated Gendarme Bee, voiced by Antonio Banderas.

Nasonex nasal spray is the company's second biggest selling product, and is also available in honey-nut flavor.

Adams Respiratory Theraputics employs Mr. Mucus in the marketing of its Mucinex expectorant. In their advertising, this animated character represents the symptoms of congestion, and is not the product spokesman.

Mucinex acts like a powerful pesticide saturating the pink flesh of your lungs, killing Mr. Mucus instantly.

Just kidding! They could never kill such a loveable little guy!

Imitrex, a medicine which is used to fight migraine headaches, employs another lovable character. This multi-colored creature, affectionately called Granger, torments migraine sufferers with loud noises and bright lights, until Imitrex is administered.

In the ad shown, a tall female DJ is trying to cross-fade some Ladytron for her raver friend.

Imitrex works by physically pushing the offensive character out of your cerebral cortex.

Even worse than Mr. Mucus and Granger, Digger the gremlin is the animated face of Lamisil. Digger represents a nail infection.

In real life, a nail infection probably doesn't hurt, but in the commercials, this guy bends a toenail back like he is opening the hood of a Chevy and jumps right in. It is horrifying. An uncut version of this commercial features his other exploits, including mass-murder and cannibalism.

A doctor can help you get Digger out of your toenail, but he will never be able to get him out of your nightmares.

Lunesta, a sleeping pill by Sepracor, uses an animated glowing butterfly to coax its users to sleep. The butterfly is fashioned after the Antimachus Swallowtail, the world's most poisonous.

They also sell the opposite drug, called Tossturo, represented by a brightly lit mosquito which flys around your ear and face while you attempt to sleep, landing repeatedly on your eyelids.

If you take Lunesta and Tossturo at the same time, the animated characters will both appear in your room, locked in a miniature insect dogfight.

Don't bet against the butterfly.

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June 25th, 2007 

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