The Drive Thru Memorial Prank

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When the paint was dry, I clipped some roses from the backyard and loaded up the trunk of the car.

I left the house just before dawn. Dawn is a terrific time for mischief. People don't get up at 5:45 just for kicks. If they are up, they must be doing something important.

Also, the morning light is perfect for photography. Like mugshots, for example.

The KFC on Folsom Boulevard wasn't open yet. With one eye peeled for the Google Street View Wagon, I popped open the trunk and began unloading my undertaker's tools.

The first memorial was for Carl's Jr.

Although in full view of the drive thru window, this little patch of dirt was midway between KFC and a Korean restaurant. I calculated that neither side would take responsibility for removing it.

It looked awesome! The roses made a huge difference. The black mylar balloons looked pretty good too, despite having spent three days in the trunk of my car.

On Bradshaw near Micron Avenue, I found this Adelbertos drive thru running parallel to a Taco Bell drive thru! I had to put one here!

Both restaurants were open, and the guy at the window at Adelbertos was looking right at me. He didn't say anything and in one minute I was finished and ready to take off.

Just then a Taco Bell employee came out with two bags of garbage, headed right towards me! Who takes out the trash at 6 am?!

In any case, he asked if something had happened and I answered "no". I told him that I was just setting up for a photograph. He accepted that answer and I didn't explain further. I didn't wait for him to come back with the manager. I aborted the mission at this location and loaded everything back into the trunk.


The next spot was at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.mp3 on Zinfandel near Olsen. There was a perfect little nook in their hedges for a little Jack in the Box memorial!

Jack's looked beautiful. Extremely classy. You know, it was beyond extremely classy... it was Donald Trump classy.

It was here that I realized I had forgotten to include "Do Not Remove" signs.

And finally the Ronald McDonald memorial found a home at Jack in the Box on Folsom Blvd. and Zinfandel. Jack in the Box didn't look open, but it didn't seem closed either. I tiptoed over to the drive thru and got to work.

I set up the memorial as far away from the service window as possible, on the edge of an auxilliary drive-thru-extension-oxbow.

I flagged down a pedestrian and he was nice enough to snap a picture. This is what my face looks like when I'm not smiling.

And like that, I was done. It was barely 6:30 in the morning!

Now, just to be safe, I should also probably try a Wendy's, and Colonel Sanders could probably use some attention too. Maybe I could go with marble headstones for them... Who knows what the future holds.

Just don't blame me everytime you spot something tasteless in the drive thru.

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