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Here is a the Victorian that is Sacramento's International Youth Hostel. It was just re-located to 10th and H St. when I took this photo, but I am sure it will reopen in time for the Summer, 2002. I've never stayed here, but it sure looks nice compared to some of the garbage-pit hostels I have stayed in.
Here is a photo of the sign designating Sacramento's University, California State University, Sacramento.  Many of my friends went to this U. Their mascot is the Hornet.

I think the number one complaint I hear is that it is impossible to get classes when you are a sophomore. That is probably true at any university, though.

The University of California at Davis is about 16 miles west of Sacramento.  That's where my Brother Mike got his degree.  Brooke, Jane, Solid and Stephanie go there too.

If you visit Sacramento, your best bet is to rent a car, because the ride from the airport alone will cost you US$27. However, we do have an extensive bus system. 

Put your US$1.50 into the box at the front of the bus and sit wherever you want.  The drivers don't have change.

Weekends and holidays are disappointing times to ride the bus, because you will usually have to wait for a long time.

Sacramento also benefits from a nice light-rail system that runs through downtown.  There is only one line at the moment, but the new stretch out to Sunrise Blvd. should be finished by Fall 2002 & the expansion to the south area looks almost finished too.

You have to buy your $1.50 ticket before you get on. The tickets are on sale at every station, but the bill-changer is only operational about half the time.

One of my favorite places to get a cheap sandwich is the Bon Air market on 26th and J street. 

They have this gigantic cartoon menu board with a bunch of zany sandwiches.  I can't recommend ordering them, but their normal "Roast Beef and Cheddar" or "Turkey and Provolone" are super.

If you are tempted to just get fast food while you are in Sacramento, go here instead and you will be better-off.

Here is a shot of the "samson" sculpture in Sacramento's International Airport.  The airport is about 10 miles out of town, with terminals for Western, Southwest, Alaska and other airlines.

A taxi to the downtown convention center costs about US$27. A shuttle van is US$11 per person, but takes a bit longer. For the thrifty, a US$1.50 will get you on board the #42 yolobus. It comes by once or twice an hour and travels to Davis, Woodland and downtown Sacramento.

Wildhawk Golf Course  
McKinley Park Rose Garden  American Rose Society Listed
Well, that is about it for now.  I had a great time taking these photos & putting this story online.  I hope some of you find them useful, and I hope you make the most of your time here.  It's a nice place. Be sure to email me if you are going to be here! 
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