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Here is a photo of Capitol Garage.  I am frequently amazed by their ability to book big-name bands in this tiny cafe/bar.

This is one of Sacramento's hot-spots if you are aged 15-24. They face Capitol park at 15th and L Street.

Sacramento is the home of Tower Records & Books, and has an actual tower on Broadway and 16th. Under the tower is a alternatively focused theatre, and attached is the excellent Tower Cafe. The tower bookstore is across the street.

Broadway runs east-west at the southern border of downtown Sacramento...taking the place of "Z" Street.  There is a section of the Capitol City Freeway suspended above nearby.  It is called the "WX" by traffic reporters because it is runs between W and X streets. 

Tower Records 360 panorama

On the Convention Center end (east) of the K Street mall, the Esquire Theatre is now an IMAX theatre.

The other side of this building has an incredible blue light that you can see from all over downtown Sacramento.

Sacramento is a hub of California Freeways, but this can make it tricky to get from place to place.

Hopefully this illustration will help you out.

See how the star in the middle is in a little rectangular area bordered by freeways?

That little rectangle is the part with the streets A-Z  and 1-29.

Cal Expo is about where the second letter W is in "downtown" on that map.



The Towe Auto Museum is a Sacramento Attraction that I hear about all the time but have never bothered exploring.
I just kind of leaned inside for this photo. They have about a hundred and fifty cars in there.
Here is the incredible tile mural on the Office Depot on J Street around 17th. It is only about a year old.

If you like decorative tile, you should also check out the Dragon house at 22nd Street and 3rd Avenue. The windows are etched or filled with stained glass too. I'm guessing Faberge lives there.

Here is a photo of the Downtown Sacramento Skyline from freeway level.  
Here is the giant mural on the Profound Sound building on 19th and N St. 

This one is really beautiful, eye-catching and detailed.

Did I mention the freeways already? This sign will direct you out of town as you get to  Arco AM/PM Gas Station at 29th and J Street.

Why would anyone want to visit Sacramento, part 3

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