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This is a really large sculpture on the side of highway 80 near Roseville, California. It is called "Cosmos".
Here is a photo of Arco Arena, home to the Sacramento Kings. The Arena is located about halfway between the Downtown Star and the Sacramento Airport on that map above.

 It is surrounded by tracts of land that are finally being filled with housing after years of sitting vacant.

Even further West from Old Sacramento is West Sacramento, which I like to call "Ancient Sacramento".  

West Sacramento has a giant ziggurat on the river.  I don't know what company is in there, nor do I know who is buried inside. But it looks nice when it is lit up. They used to use torches back before electric lights were invented.
Tower Bridge Near Old Sac, 360 panorama

For some reason, there are about 34 cheap hotels in West Sacramento. I guess there used to be a hell of a lot more conventions in Sacramento or something. Perhaps I need to study my ancient history.

This Coliseum in West Sacramento is called Raley Field, home of the Sacramento River Cats. Since they made gladiator fighting illegal, they just play minor-league baseball here.


Here is where the West Sacramento Sphinx is being constructed. That isn't the real name, but it's what everyone is calling it until the new name is voted in.
This is Crocker Art Museum, a Sacramento fixture since 1873.  It is an expanded Victorian mansion with a good, early California paintings and other works. This is where I met Dale Chihuly back in 2001.
This 8-foot tall St. Mary mosaic is on the outside of a church that faces Southside park (around 10th and V Street).
Here is a photo of Coffee Works, a great, locally owned cafe at 34th and Folsom Blvd. They roast their own coffee & many of the counter people are friends of cockeyed.com.

There is a woman's clinic across the street, so on the odd Sunday there are pro-life protesters with signs and costumes across the street. You can feel the anger all the way across the street at these outdoor tables. Don't assault anyone near here, no matter how mad this makes you.

Folsom Blvd is the name that Capitol Avenue has when you get East of 30th Street. Folsom Boulevard goes another 15 miles east from here.

A block away is the swankier 33rd Street Bistro. Really good food, cozy & therefore small.
Behind this scaffolding is Cafe Bernardo, a nice little lunch place on 27th and Capitol.  Busy, but I have never had to wait for a table there. Next door on the corner is the Monkey Bar, where Mark and I used to hang out 3 days a week. It is nearly a yuppie place, but still fun, with a good jukebox.
Here is a photo of Amarin, a very affordable Thai place on 13th and I Street. Great food here, near the Memorial Auditorium.

Why would anyone want to visit Sacramento, part 4

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