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Here is a photo of the door to Sutter's Fort, a state historical park at 27th and L Street.   This is Sacramento's earliest settlement, founded by John Sutter in 1839.  Sutter was trying to build a little satellite version of a Swiss town, so he called his settlement New Helvetica. 

His plans were wrecked when gold was discovered at the mill his friend was building nearby. Suddenly people were charging in from all over the place, trampling through his proto-utopia to get their greasy hands on that gold. It must have been pretty disappointing.

Inside the fort they have demonstrations and historical re-enactments in the little carpenters, blacksmith, bakery and gunsmith shops. On the day I visited, they had a cannon-firing demonstration. Bonus.
In the same block as Sutter's fort is the California State Indian Museum.  This is where I met Ranger Joann when I was trying to make fire with two sticks. It is only a dollar to get in, and they have a nice collection if you are interested in the life of Native Americans.

There are no slot machines inside, however.

Here is a daytime photo of Old Ironsides, the bar where Sacramento's fine nightclub "lipstick" is held on Tuesday nights. Yeah, it is on Tuesdays, but since there is NOTHING else happening on Tuesday, it is usually pretty busy.  If you are good-looking, aged 21-28, and you can dance, this is the place to be.

Old Ironsides is host to bands on Friday and Saturday night too, but they charge around US$7 for that.

Speaking of music, here is a photo of the Beat, a large used record store on J Street and 17th. They have a little cafe with listening stations too.
Just east of Downtown Sacramento, on the streets numbered 40-49, there are a bunch of elegant large old houses. These blocks are called the "fab fourties". This area is one of the nicest in Sacramento, particularly beautiful when bedecked with Christmas lights. 


Here is a shot of the tree-lined 43rd Street. Nice eh?

Sacramento has a tremendous number of Victorian houses downtown, and further east in a section of Sacramento known as "midtown".

Victorians at 24th and H Street 360 panorama

Here is a photo of the Boardwalk, a place I have always thought of as being host to death-rock bands.

It is in Orangeville, West of Sunrise on Greenback Lane. If you want to see a band with "Skull" or "Thorn" in the name, try going here.

Why would anyone want to visit Sacramento, part 5

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