Study for the Viability of Bottling Keg Leftovers

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Good as new, and airtight!

Leftover beer anyone?

The keg was empty and ready to be returned to the store. I had rescued 13 bottles of beer. Does that make me a hero? Not any more of a hero than that guy that saved that kid on the subway tracks in New York City, but probably his equal.

Two gallons of beer from a keg of beer is only worth about $12. But by bottling it, I was looking at a value-added bounty of at least $30 worth of beer!

Maybe I could start my own party-over bottling company, visiting less-than-raging parties and recycling their dregs into cases of real fridge-friendly beer bottles.

It will be like the liquid version of Senior Gleaners!

All that remained was to try the results. Would the beer taste alright, or was the last 1/3rd of a keg actually just backwash?

The following weekend, I sat down with some friends for the taste test.

It was a leeettle flat.

Ok. Totally flat.

Bottling the beer hadn't saved the fizz. I guess the CO2 had escaped from the leftover beer either in the keg or during the foam show when I was bottling.

The experiment was a bust, but I'm not giving up. 

Next time I'm just going to get a keg of Cognac.

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May 11, 2007.

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