Breathalyzer Testing

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Slowly, the average level of intoxication began to increase... also, the number of high-fives.

After 2 shots, one beer and a mixed drink, Levi blew a .09.

A few guests were not drinking at all, but that didn't get them out of breathalyzer duty.

Keith bravely chose to test the effects of Listerine Vanilla Mint mouthwash, a poisonous blend of specially denatured alcohol (SDA), also known as non-beverage ethanol (NBE).

Drinking straight from the bottle, but determined to avoid backwash, he used the teen-tested "waterfall" technique shown here.

He swished it around his mouth and spit it into the sink. 

His breath smelled Vanilla MintASTIC! While the Listerine was still fresh in his face, he blew into the breathalyzer. 

OUT OF RANGE. The mouthwash was so strong that the breathalyzer could not measure it. I checked the instructions. This meant that it was measuring breath which came from someone with a BAC over .40.


Before you start planning your legal defense, I need to report that the Listerine effect disappeared very quickly. Just 5 minutes after his BAC was off the charts, Keith blew a .00. The alcohol in his mouth was totally gone. 

Not long after his first test, Levi was surging towards the highest BAC in the room.

In two hours, he had drank 4 shots, two beers, and one "super" mixed drink. His BAC came up .35! We all figured that had to be wrong, so he rinsed his mouth out and tried the breathalyzer again. The second time, his breath delivered a .19

Looking back, that is a pretty high BAC. However, at the party, it didn't even phase me. I could see that he was in pretty good shape, he could handle himself, and his speech wasn't slurred.

If Levi had been busted behind the wheel, his inebriation would have been described as "more than twice the legal limit", which sounds terrible. Standing there in front of me, he didn't seem like a hazard.

A little later that night, he actually dropped the breathalyzer. If there is anything that should stand out as a red flag against driving, it is dropping the breathalyzer.

Justin and Stephanie were still locked in a BAC battle. Despite having had four shots in two hours, Justin was still at .04. It was as if he had hit a ceiling. Stephanie was his opposite. She had only had "one fucking glass" of wine in an hour, and she too was at a .04.

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My feelings on BAC testing in the legal system.
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May 6, 2007.

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