Hospital Childbirth

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After the weigh-in, June's information was recorded for the birth certificate. They also inked up her foot for our parental souvenirs, and began calculating the baby's sleep number.

The instruments. These clamps and scissors were kept out of the mother's view.

Baby footprints and the Olympic smart scale.

June was swaddled up for another visit with mom. She was also given a little birthday hat.

Stacy and June, comparing notes about the birth.

One of the nurses offered to take our picture together for this one. Cockerham family!

News of June's birth spread to the waiting room, and our families and friends came back inside to check out the new baby.

It was June's first brush with the paparazzi.  I hope her retinas are OK.

Speaking of her eyes, erythromycin is squeezed into her eyes to prevent an eye infection. 

The clear gel didn't seem to bother her. She wasn't upset when new Grandma Cockerham got to hold her. 

After the visitors had left, Stacy got some nurse-attention and it was time to check out of the delivery room. 

At eleven pm, about two hours after birth, Stacy was given a wheelchair and we made our way to a small recovery room. On the way, we rolled by the hospital nursery.

The nurses told us baby June would be examined and given a few tests overnight in the nursery. It was just like in the movies. I was standing outside the window, checking out rows of new babies with other new dads and their financial advisors.

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