Crashed my Hyundai Accent


I crashed my car on the way home from work on Thursday night!

I was in the fast lane, listening to Joy Division (but otherwise undistracted) when I realized the cars ahead were standing still.

I slammed on the brakes but it was too late. I hit the Toyota in front of me, probably forcing it into the VW in front of them.


A truck zipped by to my left. He had avoided the collision by driving off the highway, onto the emergency lane.

The gal behind him was not so lucky (or agile). She hit my rear, pushing me again into the toyota and the VW.

Everyone's car was operational enough to steer into the emergency lane to the left of the fast lane.

Within minutes, a police officer and tow truck showed up and started helping us out and talking to everyone. The gal in the back I recognised from high school!

Julie! How have you been?!


The police officer took everyone's statements. Everyone had car insurance and was apologetic and pleasant.

We all spent about 15 minutes on the side of the road.

The tow truck driver seemed to work for the city, and was more interested in getting us patched up than getting us towed.

He helped me tear off my dangling rear bumper and taped my taillights into place so that I could limp home. It worked. I could drive.

On the way, my "check engine" light clicked on, warning me against driving the car to work on Friday.

Damn! I really liked this car too.

Please, let this be a warning. Be careful in your car, and for heaven's sake, don't wear that oversized bobblehead while you are driving.

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November 9, 2007 

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