Scott Holden's Tauntaun Costume

Using my Solidworks drawing, I created 3D fixtures to bend pvc into identical mirror imaged parts.

The frame was fastened to a Kelty back pack. Pvc was quartered on a tablesaw to create thin strips that I riveted to the frame to shape the body.

The Tauntaun needed to look actual size so stilts would be key to this costume. Drywall stilts were too 'vertical' so I designed my own stilts that had a natural dog-leg look to them. The feet on the stilts had an independent heel and toe with compression springs resulting in a semi-smooth stride.

Snowboard bindings were utilized for their solid hold and quick-release mechanism.

More pvc frame and strips were added to shape the leg. 


Late one night out in his workshop, Scott suited up into the beast to get some pictures, and to make a little movie of the legs in action. Unfortunately, he got tripped up on the stilts and fell forward, toppling to the ground.

Luckily, the ample frame saved him from injury, but he was strapped in and pinned down inside the animal!

He was incapacitated and there was no one within earshot to come unbuckle him. He literally almost had to spend the night trapped inside the tauntaun's body!




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November 15, 2009.  

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