2008 Cockeyed.com Halloween Costume Contest

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Here are some submissions by readers for the 2008 Cockeyed.com Halloween Costume Contest. 



Hi Rob, I just had to tell you how much I love your Halloween costumes...I'm thinking of going as Jenga this year (if I collect enough cardboard in time!) I had to show you a picture if my friend and I dressed up last year as a bread bin and a crayon....what a success!! I handed out fresh bread all night and everyone loved us!

Funnily enough, we came as a pair and everyone loved it! Like you in jenga, I too suffered some assault but it was totally worth it. My best Halloween EVER!! I look forward to seeing you this year! Karen (Ireland)


I was wondering what’s your costume’s gonna be this year. Any hints for us readers?

Also, as a parent, do you find yourself thinking more about making costumes for your kids than for yourself? I do. I’ve always loved making costumes, but since becoming a dad, all my energy goes into my son’s costumes (he’ll be 4 this Halloween, so he can’t really do it himself yet).

FYI, this year, he’s going to be the WWII version of Captain America.

Damon Crumley

Mr. Rob, for a few years your site has inspired me. I sent you some pictures of my costume last year. I had the Large Pill bottle with label filled out with Ana Nicole Smiths info.
This year I decided to build my nephew a costume. He is a nascar fan and loves Tony Stewart. Please feel free to post my pictures. Materials are Cardboard box for the mock up shape
Killz spray paint primer. Foam Board x 6 used as a strong skin material. Workmen Suspenders to use as harness to suspend the body as well as look like racing harness.
Avery Sticker paper.
masking tape
Hot Glue sticks about 40 with matching low temp glue burns on my hands (not pictured)
I still have some final details. Total Time about 15 hours
M. Brooks
















Hi Rob,

This year, I was inspired by your American Idol judges costume to go as a blackjack dealer. Following your example, the build went pretty smoothly (even the PVC bending, which I was a little concerned about). And it was a big hit -- I won a costume contest, and I'm helping one guy by e-mail who's trying to build his own version (rush job, in a single day).

Here's my blog entry about the building

and the wearing

Thanks for your example and inspiration. -- Joe













Here's my costume this year.
I won at the party I went to last weekend!
Hope you enjoy
Jason Rideout
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada




My son wanted a robot costume this year.  It's made out of boxes, garbage, and about 2 1/2 rolls of duct tape.  There are lots more pictures at my site at jaredandaubrey.net, in the photos section.  Noah got tons of compliments as we walked around the neighborhood, and tons of candy, too.

Looking forward to seeing your completed costume.




Hello Rob!

This is my first year in college, and I'm in a big city now (Washington DC). I figured I had to do something comfortable yet different. Since there were going to be plenty of Jokers this year, I went with...


I used an off-the-shelf 3D gel makeup to add all the nasty effects. Unfortunately, my time working with it was short and I couldn't get the boiling water necessary to apply it, so I wasn't able to completely cover my face with it.

It came out really well in some places...but in other spots, the makeup melted down my face while drying. Notice the huge clump around my eyebrow and my comparatively bare forehead.

In any case, the costume was a huge hit. I had a number of run-ins with Jokers and Batmen, as well as random people who felt (for some reason) like kissing my disgusting cheek.

A Joker, Batgirl, and Casual Friday Batman. Another enthusiastic Joker.

Another Batman and Joker duo. Everyone loved this grouping and took a lot of pictures. It's a shame I had to have leftovers with me at the time.

A really spectacular Joker. I think that knife might've been real. Apparently another Two-Face was wandering the streets to, but (according to yet another Joker I ran into) he wore a mask for the other half of his face! Cheater.

Next year I'm going for something bigger. I'm thinking Bob Ross.

Enjoy the pics,
-Phil Salvador








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November 18, 2008.  

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