Walmart vs. Target - Price comparison

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The next item in the comparison was a full-sized coffeemaker.

Coffeemakers are very simple machines, but it seems strange that one can buy them for less than $10. Walmart's cheapest was a Sunbeam 12-cup model for $9.43. 

I think I've bought Jumbo Eggnog Lattés for more than that.

Item #8 - Cheapest Full-size Coffee Maker 

$9.43 Walmart 56¢ $9.99

At Target, the cheapest coffeemaker was the Toastmaster model, for $9.99. I didn't get a picture of the coffeemaker display at Target, so I present this one instead, of the front aisle, near the checkouts. At the bottom of the photo, you can see the clipboard, where I steadied the camera. 


The next item was bottled water. The cheapest 12-pack of 16 ounce bottles of water.

Walmart had Nestlé brand Pure Life bottled water for $2.50. I understand that Walmart has its own brand of bottled water, equate. But I couldn't find it on this trip. Also, the bottles of Pure Life that I did find were 16.9 ounce (˝ liter) bottles, but that turned out to be the standard size.

I didn't get photos of either store's bottled water. Here is a photo of an aisle in Walmart. The red line along the floor is also seen in Target. I don't know what it means.

Item #9 - 12 pack of 16.9oz Bottled Water 

$2.50 Walmart $1.24 $3.74

At Target, the cheapest 16.9 ounce bottles of water were Arrowhead at $3.74 per 12 pack. Target had Nestlé's Pure Life for less; $2.99 a 12, but only in fruity flavors, so I excluded that lower price for this comparison.


The next item on my pre-prepared list was a Franz Ferdinand CD. Walmart had three racks of CDs, but they did not have Franz Ferdinand. I assume that they only stock the most popular albums, and I saw a rack titled "Top 25 Albums". I also noticed Eminem, 50cent and other artist's albums that I know use explicit lyrics. The albums didn't have advisory stickers on them, so I guess Walmart sells alternative, cleaned up versions of the classic, profanity-strewn originals.

For the sake of price comparison, I used Evanescence's Fallen instead. Walmart's price was $13.88.

Item #10 - Music CD Evanescence Fallen 

$13.88 Walmart 11¢ $13.99

 Target had a slightly higher price for the CD, $13.99. They also had Franz Ferdinand and explicitly lyricked Eminem.

The photo is from Target's music section and Stacy's midsection.


Price checking took a lot longer than I had expected. Finding the lowest price and logging the prices of ten things at Walmart had taken 45 minutes. I had to quit for the night.

The next day, Stacy and I visited Target on Alta Arden Way in Sacramento, on our way to Logan's birthday party at Paradise Island

Target's slogan is "Expect More, Pay Less".

The cheapest basketball was the next item on my list.

A Báden basketball was $4.99 at Target. I didn't think this price would beat Walmart, but I was wrong. 

Item #11 - Cheapest Basketball 

$5.46 Target 47¢ $4.99

When I checked the basketballs at Walmart, the cheapest was a "Spalding Tip-off" for $5.46.


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March 20th, 2005.  

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