Walmart vs. Target - Price comparison

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The next item I located at Walmart was the one ounce bottle of Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation. Liquid foundation is fine for makeup, but it won't work for a building, and I've yet to see it work in a relationship.

At Walmart, the bottle was $9.82. This didn't seem like a great price. Later on this trip, I would see a 12-cup coffeemaker selling for less.


Item #4 - 1 oz. Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation 

$9.82 Walmart 2¢ $9.84

Here I am posing in the makeup aisle at Target with my trusty clipboard. Target was selling the makeup for two cents more- $9.84.


A box of Tampax Pearl Tampons were the next item. 

I was alright with taking super-spy clandestine pictures in Walmart, but I didn't want to get noticed taking pictures of tampon boxes. Here is a photo of an aisle at Walmart, full of products.

They were 20 count boxes, selling for $3.62 at Walmart. This didn't seem like a bargain. I think Pearl tampons are like the Cohiba Esplendido of the Tampax corporation. The finest available. 

Item #5 - Tampax Pearl Tampons 20ct. Box 

$3.62 Walmart 17¢ $3.79

At Target, the same box was 17 cents more.

The next item was the cheapest men's jeans. 

At Walmart, the cheapest Men's jeans were $10.97. They were Rustler brand Hardworking Jeans... Guaranteed. 

At one time, Walmart had a reputation for only selling items that were made in the United States. I'm not sure when that policy changed, but I'm sure they didn't put out a press release about it.

Rustlers are from the makers of Wrangler jeans. They were marked "Made in Mexico".


In Target, the cheapest men's jeans were also Rustler brand, but were titled "Legendary Gold by Rustler". They were $12.99, marked "Made in Costa Rico of U.S. fabrics".


Item #6 - Cheapest Men's Jeans 

$10.97 Walmart $2.02 $12.99


 I didn't compare the quality of the two jeans.  The lower photo is of the jeans at Target. The photo is a little sharper because I learned how to take better photos after I had the Walmart photos.


While in the Walmart clothing section, near the layaway restrooms, I stopped and got the price for a pack of boy's athletic socks.

Walmart had a six-pair pack of "Faded Glory" brand crew socks size 9-2. They were marked "Made in Kentucky" and priced at $5.88.

Item #7 - Cheapest pack of boy's socks 

$5.88 Target $1.89 $3.99

Walmart's $5.88 seemed very cheap until I got to Target and found their Circo brand boy's socks at $3.99 for six pair.

Target's Circo socks were marked "Made in USA".



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March 20th, 2005.  

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