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Hey, Rob

I just wanted to let you know that Herbalife is back with a vengeance advertising on cable TV! They're using the cover, 7crazyfox.com. Please let everyone know about this and to steer a 1000 miles away from that website.
Chris from VA

Hey, thanks. How do you know it is herbalife?
Do you know anyone who signed up?
Thanks for the info.


Hi Rob
I knew it was Herbalife because I had signed up to receive their package. I saw 7crazyfox.com advertised on various cable tv channels so I went to the site & submitted my contact info. (There was nothing on the site to indicate what or who they were.) I had to pay $9.95 for "overnight shipping" of the training package (which took me about 2 weeks to receive). When I got the package, it said Home-Based Business Network, and it included a DVD with a letter and a booklet. I read the booklet & watched the DVD, which contained pictures of fancy houses, cars, etc, but still no identity on the part of the author - only a Man claiming that he made many hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few months, and that he & my mentor were going to help me rid of my "master" boss and cease being his "slave". Sounded good to me at first.

The letter was addressed from this guy with a GA area code, who claimed to be my "mentor" and he requested I call him, which I did. Only then did I find out it was Herbalife, and I had never heard of them. The man asked me to set up an appointment and told me I had to act fast because his time-slots were rapidly filling up. I made the appointment & stupidly agreed to sign up for the International Business Package for $200. Fortunately, after I hung up I Googled Herbalife and came across your website, among countless others confirming my suspicions- it was basically a scam masquerading as a legitimate business venture for the earnest individuals.

I guess I knew it was wrong because if it truly made that much money, everybody would be doing it. Or, if the products were any good, then why advertise distributing the products rather than just trying to sell them? But thanks again for allowing a forum for people who were duped by this facade. Fortunately for me, it only cost me 20 bucks (for some reason I got charged twice for the shipping but I cancelled that credit card right after stupidly requesting the IBP).




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July 12, 2007  

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