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Nov. 14, 2003

On visiting workopolis I found these ads for Global. I knew it had to be multi level marketing. Thanks for saving me the waste of my time. Be well.



greetings rob-

i did a search on google for herbalife and on the 7th or 8th page i saw your link. very interesting. i came across it before under another search but didn't have the opportunity to read it until now. 

what feed back have you gotten from your website about herbalife? i'm just curious if you don't mind.

i have recently signed up into the business. the process i went through was a tab bit different from what you described in your article. but over all, it's the same. i just paid for the ibs, ibn ib... something pack. it was under $70. but you have to pay an arm and a leg for the "marketing tools". my sponsor went over a check list of the things i had to buy. i said to myself "i have to spend more money". it's not the type of work form home job i was looking for. i shouldn't have to spend an arm and a leg just to get some extra cash. we made a few phone calls and i did not like that. #1 the tape is too long #2 it's deceitful. my friend asked what was the name of the company and my sponsor gave him an answer to a question he did not ask. i can't be fooling my friends. spending extra money i do not have into a company that's not mine and deceiving my friends are 2 things i can not and will not do.

thanks for your time. i look forward to your response. have a great weekend.



Nov. 15, 2003

Hey Rob,

Thanks for the heads up on the Herbalife. I suspected it was this type of scam. I haven't found any of these programs that really work. Thanks for your hard work on this and letting the rest of us know! Take care.



I just wanted to thank you for your articles about Global Online and Herbalife.

I had been able to find out enough to know that I was looking at Herbalife, but I was really grateful to get the information about cost & marketing tactic from your article.

I followed a link from to find Global Online originally, & it did peak my curiosity. But the secrecy about the whole thing was enough of a red flag for me to do some snooping around. ---- Thanks again for getting the information out there!

Robin B.
Dallas, TX
Nov. 17, 2003

Thanks for the Warning

John Chambers 

In looking for a new career, I have been drenched with supposed career openings for Sales and Sales Management, cluttering up the Online boards that are in fact Job Search "Spam". In research, I have found that these are the same Herbal Life ads. I daily have to search through the dozens of new listings on the Monster board (

Keith Akridge
Hi Rob

Nearly fell into the same trap here in South Africa. I was surfing the web when I stumbled upon some sites. The well written sales pitch made me curious - as I was reading a light went up in my head, this must be network marketing as only the "business" part is sold as how rich and self employed you can become - as I read on the name Russel Gain popped up. I surfed the name and without to much searching I stumbled upon your website and it confirmed my suspicion. I've already asked for my money back for the informational cd my "sponsor" is supposed to send!

These people also infuriates me as I know of a young single lady with a kid that got so hyped up on this that se nearly gave up her job to do this full time, luckily se saw the light the moment they've asked her to purchase stock of nearly R20,000! This was totally contrary to what they advertise as being in business for yourself to get free of debt and your boss. From the onset they get you in shit financially so that their upline or sponsor cab score point in getting a bigger bonus check at the end of the month! 

See some more sites to publish below:

Cheers and keep on exposing!

Fritz Coetzer
Hi, Rob:

Before I say anything else, I want you to know about someone and something near and dear to my heart.

Today is the 16th anniversary of my father's passing. He was a great man, religious, kind, good-natured, a person who extended himself to my family, his friends and his banking customers (for 39 years at Chemical Bank) every day of his life. I miss him and often ask myself, "What might Dad say or do?" .

Born in Brooklyn, NY, he was angered only when he felt an injustice had been dealt him or his loved ones. 

Dad would have loved my decision today NOT to pursue the beartraps of Global Online, and from Heaven, I can hear him saying, "Thank you, Rob, for helping my son make a sound decision. " There -- divine inspiration. Or should I say intervention.

Fortunately for me, I spent only $48.95 for the intro package. I have a tentative appointment tonight to receive a call from my Global Online representative. I am about to send an e-mail to the effect , "Forget it." If you are still adding to your information on them, note: Global Online now has a CD-ROM that they send with the intro package. The cover letter advised:

- read through the workbook
- watch the video
- watch the CD-ROM
- E-mail me so we can set up a time to speak on the phone

The CD-ROM and video have the exact same presentations. 

Also, here is the rep's website: <> .

Again, thank you for all your efforts in warning people of this scam. May God bless you and your loved ones,

Richard R. 
Nov. 19, 2003


First of all, thanks for your article. It helped me decide that I should get of this early.

I was told by my Herbalife contact that I could get my investment back in 90 days if I was not satisfied. I have spent $49 and $399. When I called her back to confirm I could get my money back in 90 days, she informed me that it was just for the (useless) decision package of $49. I feel I was lied to and would like the number of the parent corporation to help me get my money back.


Chris Marino


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