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Nov. 4, 2003


Thanks for your very informative website on the company Herballife. My coach called me last night. I have already given $48.00 to receive a booklet, video and CD (which I might add are the same thing!). My husband is very reluctant about this company. I found it over the internet called "Global on-Line Business" Work from home. 

I can't tell you how glad I was to read your website. You are absolutely right about not mentioning anywhere about the company, Herballfe. I was almost ready to give the next $379.00 until I read your webpage. Thanks for all the information. I hope others read this before they purchase this (whatever!). We also have flyers posted everywhere, and I live in Cleveland, Ohio

Thanks again,

Well I read all your pages and yes you hvae a valid point about Herbalife and myself was very perplex to join that company. Would you examine my company and see if you would be interested. The company is base in North Carolina, Market America, Inc. We are a Network Marketing and do help our distributors with training and follow-up.
I am not asking you to join or look at the business but to have a critical eye.

Thank you
Manuel Montout
Hi Rob,

I have seen the article that you have written about Herbalife and correct me if I am wrong, it seems like you have a negative impression of network marketing. I am actually a network marketer myself and have seen Herbalife coming to Singapore these couple of months with in a very aggressive manner but I understand from my friend in Thailand that Herbalife has actually started to shrink its operations in Thailand. Could you provide an insight to this? Are there any companies that you think is good from your point of view?

Best regards


Nov. 5, 2003

Hello. My name is Edith. I enjoyed reading your report very much. plus the pictures where very true of the tacky tactics that are used for...well any multilevel. I have been in several of them each time learning more and improving. I am now 24, i think my mlm craze began when i was 16. I always loved the idea of being my own boss. I guess that is why i keep trying. I have been in Herbalife for about a year. I did see all the flyers and poster when i lived in Los Angeles. By the way some of your facts are wrong but over all you painted a clear picture.

There are many rules in this business and people don't follow them. As for those success stories those people busted their ass to make it. I only do this part time but it got me through 5 months of being laid off. Let me back up a bit. My mother had cancer and nothing was working and for some reason when she started to take the products she got better mentally and physically. see we don't just deal with diet pills. they helped me loose alot of weight. much to tell you but not sure you want to hear it. keep on searching for the truth i know i do. that is how i found you!

As a distributor, I have never been told to put up any signs whatsoever. It has never even been suggested that I do so. Herbalife distributors are trained to be professionals. We are not allowed to make any statements that are misleading or are lies. We are not allowed to makje misleading statements.

I have seen the global online system website. It is what is known as a "marketing wheel". It works like this: you have to purchase a membership on the website. Then, when your turn comes around, you get a referral from anyone who wants to either find out more about opportunites, or wants to sign up. The "wheel" then goes around until your turn comes up again.

No one whom I am associated with is a member of this sales technique. I find it unethical that you do not mention what the product is up front.

FYI: When I first became interested in Herbalife, I was contacted by a distributor who was on a marketing wheel. I had done a lot of research, to include visiting your website and others. I posed a lot of questions to this individual. He got angry with me and told me that I was not Herbalife material. I called the company headquarters and inquired if this was a company policy to disuade prople from asking questions. I was told that it was not the company policy. I was then put in touch with a local distributor whom I met with. They were patient, and answered all of my questions. Believe me, as a retired criminal investigator, I know scam when I see one. Herbalife is not a scam.

Hopes this helps.


They're latest gimmick is "following the baby boomers", mentioning the astronomical increase in sales of deodorant when boomers hit their teens. Then they imply they have something new for our aging generation and mention that "10,000 baby boomers turn 50 every day!".

It sounded interesting but I'm a skeptic at heart, especially when someone is trying to stick their hand in my pocket ($39.50 plus S&H) without revealing their product upfront. So I did a search on "Global Online Systems" looking for scam info on the company and ran across your article.

Just wanted to say thanks - I'm $45.00 richer because of you, which according to your article makes me more successful than 99% of the herbalife distributors!

Thanks, Susan Cannata


You just saved my butt!
Thanks for all your hard work exposing herbalife! I almost got sucked into
the scam.
Nov. 6th, 2003


Thanks for revealing the true identity of "global online solutions". What a fascinating story you put together! I'm impressed with the time and effort you obviously put into uncovering the herbalife 'scam'. I read through their web site thinking the entire time that it's some kind of money-making scam I just didn't think it was selling that crap. I can't believe people would actually pursue this kind of phony business, especially when you have to buy the stuff to begin with. I guess some things just are too good to be true.



Nov. 7th, 2003

I know you have many e-mails about herbalife but I have to say thanks for saving me from the clutches of cult of herbalifers. My intuition told me this business was wrong and research confirmed it but it was a close thing,they nearly got me.I'll be sending back the cd I bought andwill spread the word (truth) about herbalife. Thanks again.

Best wishes,
Richard(Yorkshire England)


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