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Nov. 8, 2003

Hi Rob,

Many thanks for posting the story on Herbalife - my wife was going to attend an enrolment day in Edinburgh (other side of Scotland!) and your article just saved us our hard earned cash by reading the truth about this product - keep up the good work.

David Campbell
Ayr, Scotland


Nov. 10, 2003

FYI. Now the "get started" package is $399.00. I know cause I just made the "sucker" phone call to find out. I was also told I could "easily" make $600-$1000 per month working part time.



Hi Rob:
I came across your website and read it thoroughly about Herbalife products and Global Online Systems.
I too somewhat fell captive to this hoax. I've worked for the same company for 20 years and recently the owner decided to sell the company, a small family owned business.
I was in a state of shock and disbelief and was in the frame of mind to grab the first opportunity that came along.
Well, don't you know I came across Global Online Systems on and decided I would give it a try. I only got as far as paying the initial $39.95. When the materials arrived and my husband and I reviewed them we immediately decided it was either a pyramid venture or a scam. Within a few days a representative (distributor) contacted me and explained the process. Yes, he wanted $299.00 for the next package of materials. Well, after discussing my great idea with my family we decided not to pursue this venture.
The best part about this is that they advertise a 90 day money back guarantee but there is no where on their website that you can contact them directly to get your money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, thankfully I am only out the $39.95 but I so feel for others who have been taken to the cleaners for the $2000.00 or more.
Anyway, I just wanted to say that your information is great. Unfortunately I read it a little too late but hopefully you have saved many others from wasting big time money on this "deal".


Nov. 11, 2003

Hi Rob,

I want to start this letter off with two sentences. 
I am a Herbalife Distributor. 
I agree with most of what you say.

I love the Herbalife products and I am always honest with people when talking to them about the business. I tell them straight away what it is and that there are no guarantees when you go into business for yourself. It is damn hard.

Whilst I don't really do much business nowadays due to personal reasons unrelated to Herbalife, there was a time when my business was thriving.

I think part of the problem with Herbalife Distributors is that they recruit the financially challenged. People that need to create business as cost effectively as possible, thus the existence of those awful signs. At the height of my business my approach was exactly that. I did some signs, mostly leaflets I had created myself in letterboxes and occasionally on cars. I
also tried my hand at telemarketing. The most cost effective and successful method I had was 3 pronged. 

1/ Attend meetings

Being around like minded people was vital to me. It was like topping up my energy levels to face the world with my new business.

2/ "No" means "No"

There were too many people in Sydney to bother with ones that said "No".

3/ Street Walking

I would approach people with the opening line, "Would you be interested in learning a little about nutrition?" Cost me only my time, which I had a lot of.

These methods gave me some success in the business. Along with using the products myself and losing weight and having more energy.

I guess what I really want to say is that as opposed to warning people off the entire company, perhaps you should be telling people to use their hearts and minds, and be smart with their money.

You never have to buy a single product after signing up and when I first got started I was using a SELL then BUY principal.

I hate the fact that all MLM's are given a bad name by the bad eggs of the business.

As far as Herbalife goes, I will always use the products and promote good health as openly and honestly as I can.

Byron J


I just want to thank you so much for your investigation into Global Online Systems aka Herbalife. I was looking at a local website with job listings and came across an add for Global Home Marketing which directs you to the website: Being that I'm a poor college student, I was pretty excited about my new work from home opportunity, so exicted that I ALMOST purchased the GLOBAL ONLINE SYSTEMS "Decision Package" for $39.95 plus $9.00 shipping and handling. The package includes: 
"A Book which explains the industries and markets we work in, exactly what we do, and exactly how we do it ...and once again ...we put it in writing. 
Secondly, a Video Tape that will allow you to meet us, to see us, and to hear from us in person and in our own words. Third, a computer accessable CD-ROM which supplements the Book and the Video. Most importantly, your Decision Package will include the name and direct phone number of your personal business coach who is available answer any and all questions about our business, to help you get started, and to support you along the way"

I was a little skeptical about sending my $49 to a mysterious company so I decided to do a little investigation of my own. I went on Google and typed GLOBAL ONLINE SYSTEMS and fortunately came up with a link to your website and investigation into Herbalife. Thank God I found your site and didn't fall for the stupid scam! I have seen dozens of those "Lose Weight fast" and "Work from home" ads in the Rochester area, and I can't stand them! I have sent a link to your website and your in-depth report to all of my friends and family members 
to warn them about Herbalife. Hopefully we can spread the word about what Herbalife really is and get those stupid signs taken down!

Thanks again,

Michelle D
Nov. 12, 2003

Hi Rob,

I read your article regarding 'Work At Home' scams. I was searching through last nite and came across on one of these scams. I clicked on the link and brought me to a site It is a form of Global Online Systems. It sounds like Herbalife. I went to to see who owns the web site address for predictfreedom. It belongs to a guy by the name of Fritz Conrad. He has also registered the following domain names:,,,,, and If you go to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) site, you will find a complaint on Fritz Conrad. Have you heard of this guy? I've seen alot of MLM's through the years, but this one takes the cake. In the website, predictfreedom, there are some testimonials from actual individuals with first and last names. I checked a couple of them through and they don't exist. It's unbelievable how so many people buy in to this scam. I live in Los Angeles myself and have seen these signs all over my neighborhood as well. I'm sure there's nothing illegal about the signs being posted but the way Herbalife is trying to lure innocent people to becoming distributors is totally wrong. Something must be done.

You just saved my butt!
Thanks for all your hard work exposing herbalife! I almost got sucked into
the scam.

Yeah, they hooked me, I did give them my credit card # tonight! Then, only then, I searched for more info. I saw your web site under the name global online systems. Then I realized that it was Herbal Life... Oh God! Thank you! Thank you! I called my credit card co. and closed the account before they could charge me. I feel like a victim that caught her predator before it was too late, thanks to your website!!! You seem to be a great person, I read most of your articles, but what are you getting from this...( besides covering my ass)!
Please write me and let me know how I can help the vulnerable innocent needy people out there, like me, giving my well earned money, that I can't afford to give away. Thank you so much. I feel the need TO HELP IN ANY WAY THAT I CAN!
I would love to hear from you. 

Thanks again! 
Sincerely, Linda J.


Nov. 13, 2003

Dear Rob,

Thank you for your investigation of Global On-line Systems. Today I was on looking for a job in the health care industry.
The first job listed was a work from home job, looking to be some kind of home health sales. Well, instead of just moving on, my curiosity got to me. I was linked to a page of numerous testimonials and no real info. So, instead of focusing on what I should be doing I decided to google, Global On-line to see what came up.

There were several links back to the same page, except for one. Your story that said this is Herbalife.

Excellent work. Now I can go back to my job search.

Jackie Brown
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