How Much is Inside Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds?

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Clawing our hands through fistfuls of cereal led to a host of "toy at the bottom" cereal memories. Soon I had introduced everyone to my green elites armyman collection, and we became immersed in tabletop trench warfare.

Both sides had an ample supply of nut cluster bombs, but Sean emerged as the top cereal killer.

Also, we found all of the almonds.

There were 23.1 grams of almonds total in the box of Honey Bunches of Oats, the equivalent of 20 almonds. Not bad!

Not bad, but not anything to write home about either. The box was still mostly flakes.

The picture on the front of the box had not misrepresented how many almonds were in the box, but one question remained: Did the spoon illustration on the front of the box represent a typical scoop of almonds?

The answer was "No".

A spoonful of cereal contains 3.6 grams, so the entire box (453 grams) can be held in 126 spoonfuls. If the 23 grams of almonds inside are divided evenly, the average spoonful contains just 0.18 grams of almonds!

To show the difference, I've accurately re-imagined the box-front illustration here, complete with Matrix-inspired milk splash. Honey Bunches consumers beware! You should only expect an average of one slice of almond per spoonful.

Honey Bunches of Oats is never going to prevent you from developing heart disease, but should you stop buying and gorging yourself with this wonderful cereal? Of course not. Just remember to include plenty of almonds in your lunch and dinner too.

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January 8th 2007.

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