Goldschlager is my favorite novelty booze. It is a clear cinnamon liqueur, swirling with hundreds of tiny flakes of real gold. Yes! Real gold, inside the bottle, mixed up, ready to flow into your stomach, small intestines and other digestion-related organs.

The alcohol may affect your equilibrium, giving you a light-headed feeling. The dense gold flakes also affect your equilibrium, delivering a stomach-churning gold "rush". 


Although there are indications that the practice dates back to ancient Egypt, a colorful history of gold and liquor comes out of the California Gold Fever of the 1850s. Successful gold miners would sometimes sprinkle a few flakes of gold into their drinks, living, they imagined, like Incan kings.

It is said that W.K. Kellogg was so impressed with this paydirt tradition that he modified the ritual, insisting his corn flakes be treated the same way.

After his surgery, he began substituting milk for the cinnamon schnapps.


The gold flakes swoosh around like a billionaire's snow-globe, attracting thirsty adults and nesting birds.

Much like champagne, Goldschlager has a reputation as a celebration drink. It is touted by style consultants for its ability to increase one's inner bling.

Gold sells for about $391 per ounce, so it seems pretty crazy so have real gold in a $23 bottle of liquor.

The real gold is what makes goldschlager magical, but how much is inside? On Tuesday night, we decided to find out.

Brooke, official spokesshaker, got the gold up and moving.

To separate the gold flakes from the liquor, we decided to pour it though a filter. Target was all out of gold filters, so we used a coffee filter.


Jane poured carefully to avoid overflow.

Brooke had several good ideas for keeping the level low.

The filter held back the gold, but slowly let the shlager through. 

Someone had to check to see if the filter was also removing the alcohol.

I selflessly volunteered.

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August 1st, 2004.

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