Glad Wrap

How much is inside Glad Clingwrap?

Plastic wrap, I love it! It is six-hundred times cheaper than Tupperware and a fifth as loud as aluminum foil. 

A fat roll of 200 square feet of this crystal clear polyethylene, or "Crystal 'Eth", costs just $4 and seems to last a lifetime in our kitchen drawer. 

Plastic wrap is indispensable for dozens of household uses, such as covering leftover casserole, re-skinning emergency drums, or wrapping some clothes for a weekend getaway.

But where Clingwrap really shines is when it comes to wrapping rice crispy treats.Not just one batch of treats either. Many, many Rice Crispy Treats. How many Rice Crispy Treats can one roll wrap? On Sunday night, with a fresh roll of Gladwrap, we decided to find out.

The first step was to find a recipe and to buy all the ingredients. Stacy and I were pleased to find there were only three ingredients: margarine, marshmallows, and Rice Crispies.

Two-thirds of all marshmallows sold in the United States are used to make homemade rice-crispy treats.¹

After melting margarine and marshmallows into a sweet, white-hot napalm, we added thousands of rice crispies. 


The crunchy, puffed rice freezes into a solid mass of sweet, chewy rice block.

I cut the crispy flats into smaller blocks.

These sweet rice blocks are from a modified Japanese recipe and are one of the cheapest forms of sushi. Snap, Crackle and Pop are actually Americanized versions of three Japanese characters, known as Buchi, Paripari and Kerokerokeropi.


With the first blocks cut, I unrolled a square of Glad Wrap and steadied the razor-toothed cutting blades. These box-mounted blades were infamously useless until they adopted the Mach-4 quadruple-blade technology from today's disposable razors. 

My first square of plastic wrap was ready. It was about 118 square inches.

The wrap clung easily to the rice treat, thanks to the spray adhesive.

My first treat was finished and I began wrapping the others.

Two, three, then four and five batches of Rice Crispy Treats were cut and wrapped with our roll of Glad cling wrap. I couldn't even tell if we were making a dent in the roll.




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July 30th, 2005.

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