The Light Sharpener

In the garage, I had ammassed more than 700 mirrors. Here are 28 stacks of 25. The tall piles are thick mirrors.

Inspired by an ABBA song on AM radio, I decided to construct a 5 foot disco ball instead.

There was no advantage to the thick mirrors. They weighed more and required more glue to stay stuck to the dish.

On the fourth of July, some friends came over and I recruited Eric to help me glue and stick mirrors.

I was surprised to find that the rows & columns method of arranging the mirrors was working out fine, with very little open space left between them.

The next weekend, I really wanted to finish the dish, so I spent many hours gluing mirrors.

By using the dish stand tilting head, I could just manage to reach the entire surface of the dish from the ground.

I had long wondered if I was going to be crushed, cut or burned on this project. It was almost inevitable. My wrist caught the edge of a glass mirror tile and I got a little cut.

I made a note: Always wear safety gloves when working on projects with more than 500 pieces of glass.

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