The Light Sharpener

From the back of the dish, it was still possible to check the alignment.

If direct sunlight fell straight through the center tube, the dish was pointed right at the sun. A small mirror made it possible to view from the side.


Re-attaching some loose foil at the back of the dish.

A new piece of cardboard, wired for destruction.

I snapped this photo at 1:36 and started fine-tuning the dish alignment and target placement.

When the cardboard hit the focal point, it started smoking almost immediately.


At 1:46. Smoke.

At 1:48. More smoke.

The neighbor's dog started barking at this point.

It really didn't seem like it was going to ever actually catch fire. I wasn't sure if it wasn't getting enough oxygen, or if smoke was cutting out too much of the light.

I brought the cardboard down and checked it out. It had a big black hole in it. I guess it had just smouldered away.


Nick came by to help with burning ideas, but by the time we got out to the dish, shadows were already creeping across the dish, blocking some of the sunlight.

Watching Nick fishing for the focus, I realized that I needed a way to clamp the pole into the right spot.




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