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Just a few days later, my friend Margret got into a car accident. It wasn't her fault.

A gentleman stopped his truck in the middle of the road and backed up into her. He had driven a bit past his destination and backed up without checking the path behind him. 

Margret's front bumper was crushed backwards, as well as her headlight and turn signal lamp. Her fender was pushed back into the door, causing a problem there.

Luckily, the guy's insurance paid for the repairs. Margret took the car to Saldovar's auto body in Sacramento.


It took two days for the insurance adjuster to examine the car and authorize the repair bill, and 5 days for Saldovar's to perform the repair, including a new paint job. When the repairs were finished, the car was flawless.


The price for repair, which was paid by an insurance company, was $4,020. 

$4,020 is a crazy pile of money, which almost no one wants to spend on auto body repair.

Another use of that much money would be to equip yourself for a spy mission in Las Vegas:

Ralph Lauren Tuxedo ($322)
Halliburton Zero briefcase ($280)
Diesel Sunglasses ($190)
Kenneth Cole Shoes ($180)
Sony Erikkson T160 ($360)
HK 9mm pistol ($1,400)
Flight from Chicago to Las Vegas ($210)
Three nights at the Bellagio ($650)

That would still leave you with $428 for the baccarat table.

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June 7th, 2004.  

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