August 5, 2006 - You can't help your customers too much. 


You can't help your customers too much. 

You have probably heard that happy customers are your businesses lifeblood, but I have embraced the concept that the real lifeblood of a business is your customer's money. Sometimes the best advice you can give to a customer would really hurt your business, (i.e. this service is available online for 30% less) so you cannot give that customer this advice. In order to sleep at night, honest businessmen and women have to believe that their customers are looking out for themselves. If you notice that a customer is blindly throwing away tons of money at your store, your best course of action may be to identify OTHER areas where the customer is throwing away money, and to address THOSE instead of taking action which might hurt your own position.


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August 5th, 2006 

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