July 29, 2006 - Left Port Hook Fork

At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I've decided to post some little things I figured out over the years. These little discoveries stand out in my mind because I wasn't ever taught them, I just figured them out. 

There is an easy way to remember which side of a boat is Port and which side is Starboard. The word PORT has four letters in it, just like the word LEFT and it is the left side of the boat.

This is also a good way to remember which way a HOOKed golf ball goes, and which  side of the plate the FORK goes on.

PORT  Starboard
HOOK Slice
FORK Spoon & Knife

Update: Left handed golfers (Such as Phil Mickelson), hook and slice in the opposite direction. Thank you to the many people that wrote in with this detail!



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Comments? Little discoveries are particularly welcome.


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