Dr. Octopus Costume

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I planned to rig a string through two of the arms to operate the claws on those arms.

The new spring and hinge arrangement worked much better. I was able to yank the claws shut without much effort, and the springs were able to snap it back open from any orientation.

Spiderman's body was not finished, but the more I thought about it, the more I came to the conclusion that the child's spiderman costume wasn't going to work. I needed more material, so I went shopping and found a suitable blue cloth.

My heart almost stopped when I found a silky red material with a black web pattern. It was perfect!

Spiderman needed some hands, so I crafted them out of heavy wire in front of the television.

First, I bent the wire into a hand-shaped outline.

Stacy and I were watching "About a Boy" on DVD, starring Hugh Grant.

Then I taped small rolls of newspaper into place, creating fingers and a thumb.

We borrowed the DVD from Amanda and Eric, who subscribe to Netflix.

A little square of folded paper made a palm, and the hand was ready.

The feet went together in the the same way, although I made them too long in my first attempt.

I prepared an answer if anyone noticed the oversized feet: Peter Parker was not only the Amazing Spiderman, he was also Ronald McDonald.

Please read page four of the Doctor Octopus Costume.

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November 23rd, 2004.  

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